Why You Should Use Reusable Mesh Produce Bags Instead of Plastic or Paper Bags?

Every one of us is aware that we are on the verge of a plastic threat. Though many nations banned their usage plastic bags are finding their way into our homes, either through our ignorance or corporate tactics. Though slowly many retail sectors are turning towards paper bags and cloth bags, the elimination of use and throw plastic bags is not fully accomplished yet.

Fortunately, many of us realized the damage that we are doing to our planet and started switching to paper bags. In fact, this trend is slowly gaining rapport and acknowledgment.

But here comes a tricky situation again. The paper bags are ending in a dump after using once or twice. This makes us ponder:

•  Are they really the solution for plastic bags?

•  Are we not threatening the forestry in the name of producing paper bags?

•  When they are not strong and multi-usable, are they really a sustainable alternative to plastic bags?

Pros with paper bags

•  Paper bags are alternate to cut down on the usage of plastic bags.

•  They are produced in safer production units than compared to plastic ones that are filled with toxins and chemicals.

•  Paper bags are stylish and look trendy in packaging.

•  They degrade faster compared to plastic bags which take millions of years to decompose.

•  Paper bags are safe for animals and aquatic life too.

Cons with paper bags

•  They are delicate, despite how much thick they are made off.

•  They break and tear with rough usage and cannot sustain heavier weights beyond a certain capacity.

•  They do not suit all types of packaging needs and are not hence fully the alternative to plastic bags.

Reusable mesh produce bags

A reusable mesh produce bag is the one that is the safest alternative to plastic bags and is much better than paper bags. Mesh bags are made of eco-friendly material. They come with drawstrings which add to the convenience of usage.

Opting for mesh produce bags instead of paper bags and plastic bags offers many advantages:

Ease of usage

A reusable mesh produce bag contains strings that make it easy to use. We can lock the bag as and when desired. They are easy to open and even children can handle them comfortably. This makes them the preferred option compared to cloth bags or plastic bags.

Keeps produce fresh

A reusable mesh produce bag is the most convenient way to handle and store fruits and vegetables. In the times when stores are tending towards the nude style of selling the produce, reusable mesh bags help you pick and pack vegetables and fruits with utmost comfort. You can directly store them in the fridge without any worry of them degrading. These bags offer plenty of breathing space to the produce, thus they stay fresh longer than they do in the plastic bags.

Multipurpose usage

We all are aware of the multipurpose nature of Ziplocs and transparent plastic bags. The mesh produce bags are the eco-friendly alternatives to both. Apart from using them to store produce safely, you can use them in myriad ways as they are see-through:

•  To store children’s items in their almirahs

•  To organize your suitcase when on travel

•  To pack your children’s lunch

•  To store items in your handbags

•  To carry nuts and dry fruits with ease

•  To filter items during cooking

•  To make flavored teas and useful during the brewing


Reusable organic mesh bags are a one-time investment. They can be used many times and for many years too. Instead of shelling over plastic bags every time, despite how degradable they are, opting for mesh bags is a wise idea to save the earth. You can easily wash mesh bags as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This way you can use it for a longer time and for many purposes too.


Plastic bags are an inexplainable threat to our home planet. They are already creating toxicity on land and in water. When burnt they are infusing their poisons into the air. Paper bags that were considered as alternatives to plastic bags are also not sustainable alternatives in the long run. Besides, they are not reusable and do not last really long. Mesh produce bags are viable alternatives to plastic and paper bags. With their myriad of usages and advantages, they are the safest alternatives to both plastic and paper bags.