Why Mothers Should Consider Buying a Baby Bottle Mixer?

Most moms transition their babies to formulas at some point in time. Working moms or those who cannot produce enough breast milk may need to do it sooner than others who switch their babies to formula milk after 6 months of age or so. Preparing formula milk is a little tedious, time consuming, and something that needs to be done with a lot of care. There’s the need to measure formula and water and then blend the mixture into a consistency, at a temperature suitable for consumption by your baby. A baby bottle mixer is a boon for moms who need to feed their babies formula milk. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good investment for you and the little one.

# 1 – The product works as a mixer and a bottle

A baby bottle mixer, as the name suggests, is a two in one product. It works to blend formula and water while also allowing babies to feed directly without the need for another bottle. Such a design saves you the time and effort needed to clean mixing bowls, spoons, and other equipment required to make the formula. Plus, there’s no need to invest in separate feeding bottles either.

# 2 – It blends formula smoothly

Preparing formulas manually is a tedious job. Once you’ve measured the powder and water, which also needs to be warm enough for your baby to consume, you need to spend a few minutes to prepare milk that’s smoothly blended and lump-free. This is a time-consuming activity when you resort exclusively to formula feeding and your baby needs to drink up a whole bottle every few hours. A mixer, on the other hand, is electrically powered and blends the ingredients smoothly and effectively. This prevents the teat of the bottle from clogging up or your baby from swallowing unmixed particles.

# 3 – The mixing bottle works with breast milk as well

Baby bottle mixers work not just with formula powders but also breast milk. Mother’s milk, when pumped and kept aside for long hours, tends to separate into layers. The mixers blends all layers back smoothly into the milk, making it easy, comfortable, and nutritious for the baby to consume.

# 4 – It offers hands-free comfort

An electrically powered baby bottle mixer offers you the convenience and comfort of hands-free operation. You don’t need to shake the bottle vigorously every time you prepare formula milk. Instead, you just need to add the ingredients to the bottle, fix it to the groove of the mixer, and switch on the power button. It’s as simple and easy as that. This leaves you with more time to attend to your baby as his nourishing milk is being prepared in the bottle mixer.

# 5 – The mixer is portable

Latest designs of baby bottle mixers are designed to function with USB-powered rechargeable batteries. Plus they’re ergonomic and less bulky than their older counterparts. These features make it possible for you to use the blender even in the absence of power, especially when you are traveling for long distances or need to be away from home for a few hours.

# 6 – It has anti-colic features

Baby bottle mixers are cleverly designed. Many of them have anti-colic features to help reduce the discomfort and gassiness that typically accompanies feeding sessions. The bottles are designed to reduce foaming and often carry added air vent systems that take away air from the nipple as the baby feeds from the bottle. This allows the milk to pass through the nipple smoother. This, in turn, helps prevent and reduce gas in little ones and colic bouts that follow it.

As a mother, buying a baby bottle mixer is a service that you can do to yourself and your baby. This cleverly designed product saves you energy and leaves you with a little extra time to spend with your baby while taking away all pain points associated with preparing and feeding formula milk. The clever design also ensures that your baby drinks up more milk and less air so that he/she feels comfortable after every feeding session.