Step-by-Step Guide for Buying Knee Sleeves Online

Wearing knee sleeves can help prevent damage to the joint. The right knee sleeve can also reduce pain on the joint and aid the recovery of athletes and other patients post a knee injury. Those suffering from arthritis can wear knee sleeves for everyday relief.

Whether you want knee sleeves for squatting, heavy training or everyday use; it is essential to use the right product for deriving the full benefits of using one. But buying the right knee sleeve requires some effort at first. You can find a number of online stores that sell knee sleeves. But distinguishing between what works for you and what doesn’t can be a bit daunting.

Consider this step-by-step guide for buying knee sleeves online.

Search online

The first step to buy knee sleeves is to look for it online. Many companies sell sports or health-related items only online. So, you have more chances of finding different types of knee sleeves when you search online.

Online searches are a great way to find good brands. You can even check the website properly to understand the products and learn about their buying and selling policies.

Take your measurements for knee sleeves

The next step to buying the right knee sleeve is to take your measurements for the sleeve. It is fairly easy to do so. Using a measuring tape, mark a point 4 inches above the knee cap. Use this as the reference point to measure around the thigh. Use this as the size for your knee sleeve. Measuring this way is the simplest way to find your knee sleeve size.

If you want knee sleeves for squatting, you may want to also measure your leg size bent at 30-degree angles. If you are unsure about how to measure; simply use the measuring guide given on a website selling knee sleeves. Use their measuring guide and the reference chart is given on their website to find your correct measurements for knee sleeves.

Check the products

Now, check the knee sleeves on the different websites you have come across via your online searches. Read the product descriptions to learn more about each brand of knee sleeves.

The ideal knee sleeve will stay fixed in place without slipping even with extended use.  The material of the sleeve must be flexible to fit well but still be easy to wear. The fabric must also remain dry even if you wear the knee sleeve during extensive training. The fabric must be breathable and remain odorless. The knee sleeve should also be comfortable if you wear it under your pants or outfits for extra support.

Such features of knee sleeves are likely to be mentioned on a website selling them. So, check them carefully. Also read about the reviews by customers to know more about the quality of the knee sleeves before you buy them. Many companies display reviews and testimonials by their customers. So, use them to your advantage to purchase the right knee sleeve.

Read about shipping, returns, and refund policies

Before you purchase the knee sleeve, go through the company’s policies about shipping charges, returns, and refunds. The shipping should be fast and you should receive the item in the timeframe mentioned by the company.

A 30-day return policy is helpful for customers to check the product for its fabric and other quality parameters. But it is better to use the product and test it before returning it just by the look of it. If the product is defective, the company should offer hassle-free returns and even cover the return shipping charges.

Compare the prices.

The cost of the knee sleeve should be comparable with its quality and features. In any case, the item must be priced economically.

Many companies offer discounts if you buy more than one item at a time. Use such discounts to your advantage. Check if there are any seasonal discounts or coupons available that you can use for buying knee sleeves.

Buy the knee sleeves.

Using this guide, you should be able to find the right knee sleeves within your budget. If you are satisfied on all counts; go ahead and place your order for the knee sleeves.