How to Buy Ceramic Coffee Dripper

A ceramic coffee dripper is a simple tool that can make really exceptional brew. The trend of pour-over coffee is catching with coffee lovers all across the world and for good reasons. With simple steps and an uncomplicated tool; you can brew the perfect cup of coffee; every time.

The Case for Ceramic – as the Material for the Coffee Dripper

  1. Coffee drippers are made from different materials. But none offers the benefit of the ceramic.

Ceramic offers great insulation. It helps to maintain the requisite temperature for the ideal brewing of the coffee.

Ceramic is a safe material to use, unlike plastic. There are many coffee drippers available in the market with a plastic body. Though these offer easy portability, you may not get the best brew. Toxins from the plastic can seep into hot liquids easily. With ceramic coffee dripper, you can ensure that your daily dose of coffee comes from a safe material.

Consider these tips to buy the perfect ceramic coffee dripper.

The Design

The design of the coffee dripper is a crucial factor that can affect the quality of the brew.

Choose a ceramic coffee dripper with a spiral ribbed design on its walls. These ridges help in promoting an even and balanced extraction of the coffee grounds. Without a uniform extricating process, the taste of the brew will not be the best.

So, ensure that the coffee dripper you buy has spiral ridges. The ridges are on the inside of the wall. The coffee filter needs to be placed over this wall. The spiral ridges will help with the equitable extraction of the liquid from the coffee grounds.

The hole at the bottom must be large enough for the water to flow unrestricted. There are coffee drippers available in the market with two or three tiny holes. But it can cause more than one problem. First, the slow movement of water through the hole can make the coffee stronger than you intended. The brew can even turn bitter. Second, if the coffee grounds are extremely fine, these can slow or restrict the flow of water. The water can remain in the dripper cone itself. But there are no such drawbacks with coffee drippers with a single hole, which is large enough for unrestricted flow of water. You will also be able to better control the strength of your coffee using this kind of dripper.

The angles of the walls should offer compatibility with at least two types or sizes of filters. Such a wall design will offer more options to you as the end-user. You will be able to use the filter you prefer without any restrictions due to the design of the dripper.

The Size

The size of your essential morning coffee (or any time of the day) is something very few caffeine lovers can compromise on and for good reasons. The need and the quantity of coffee are different for each person. So, it is to consider the size of the coffee dripper when you are buying one.

The right size of the dripper will also help you save time in brewing the coffee. So, if you need a large cup or need to brew a large quantity of the coffee at the same time, consider buying a dripper that can hold coffee for two cups at the same time. Also, buy a larger sized one if you and your companion (partner, roommate) need to brew and drink the coffee at the same time.

But if you need one cup of coffee at a time, consider buying a smaller one.

If you choose a ceramic coffee dripper that is economically priced, you can easily buy it in two or multiple sizes.

The Comfort Factor

The dripper must be comfortable to use, as well. The handle must offer an easy grip. Some drippers come with ergonomic handles to offer the ultimate ease in using them. If you are buying a ceramic dripper online, ensure that you read the product description fully and properly to know about its ease of use.

The dripper must be also easy to clean, dry, and store.