Buy Wine Online vs. Buy Wine in Retail Stores

buy wine online

e-Commerce has changed drastically in recent years with the easy access to information, online retailers, and online payments, all of which can be instantly controlled by a device that most of us have in our pockets. Naturally, wine connoisseurs and connoisseuses have migrated from the hassle of going to a retail outlet with limited selection to online retailers and clubs with near-endless selection. And why not buy wine online? Ordering in your jammies in between Netflix specials has been a huge blessing. No need to make yourself up, and no need to negotiate weather and traffic to get what you need. The ability to buy wine online has been a godsend to wine enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Here are some good reasons to buy wine online instead of in-store:

Broaden Your Taste

For years, aspiring wine connoisseurs may have been limited to whatever selection was available at a local wine or liquor store, back before they were able to buy wine online. If you perchance did happen upon a wine you like that they didn’t carry, they had to bring it in, sometimes on import, or you would have to peruse a brochure or catalog and wait five to seven days for delivery. This meant that your repertoire of wines would always be necessarily limited by all the steps involved in the transaction. In some cases, duties, import costs, or shipping would have been tacked on to the (most likely) already high price of the wine.

The advent of online stores worldwide has completely shattered that limitation. Now, the click of a mouse button or the touch of a screen can allow you to buy wine online around the world, many outlets of whom have domestic distribution. You can also join any one of the legion wine clubs that exist, many of which are on social media, where you can get helpful advice on wine just from others’ shared knowledge.

Curate Lists of Similar Wines

You know how, on Amazon, an algorithm crawls through your purchases and wish lists and gives you recommendations based on your purchase history? Well, this concept is being applied to more and more goods purchased online, and wine is among them. Often, for instance when you join an online wine club, the recommendations will save you endless sampling to find and buy wines online that suit your palate or diet.

Sheer Convenience

Let’s face it: urbanization and economy-building have made access to goods way easier, especially for those living in the city. Over the years, privately-owned liquor stores have popped up all over the place, and likely in your proximity. In some cases, you can probably just get up, get dressed, walk out the door, walk a block or two, and you’re there. At the time, this was the pinnacle of convenience. But times have obviously changed. Now, the biggest economies in the world usually thrive on virtual or online transactions. The means to buy wine online have shifted the center of the market somewhat, from the brick-and-mortar outlets to online retail, simply because of the stunning number of advantages of the latter.

For instance, let’s say you don’t want to get up or go anywhere, and sometimes we’d like nothing less than to shut off Prime, doll up, and present ourselves just to get a bottle of wine and come back home and start to relax all over again. It’s obviously unpleasant. Choosing to buy wine online does away with this inconvenience. All you have to move is your finger, your eyeballs, and maybe your wallet to read off your credit card number (and if you have PayPal or Bitcoin, you don’t even have to worry about that). If you ask regular drinkers of wine, I’m sure they’ll tell you that to buy wine online is a dream come true. Of course, retail outlets still have the upper hand for getting your wine instantly, but this pales in comparison to the advantages of online shopping.


Right now, we’re experiencing a very dangerous and uncertain time. In order to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities from the spread of COVID-19, we should do everything we can to limit our face-to-face interactions with others. Cashing out at the market means money changes hands, fingers touch debit machines, and moist breath lingers in the air, all of which can spread the virus. It goes without saying that choosing to buy wine online is a tremendous help in this area. We are all in this together, and shifting our purchases online is a great way to ensure that there is considerably less physical contact.


Truly, now is a very opportune era for expanding your wine tastes. If you’ve been sticking to local wine shops and want to expand your horizons, get to know the world of online wine, and avail yourself of vast and varied wine communities and wines when you buy wine online. Your next favorite could be waiting out there!