Why Should You Consider Shopping Bike Short for Women Right Away?

Bike short for women is the perfect item of clothing that can be quite versatile too. But aren’t bike shorts uncomfortable except for when you are biking (at times even then too)? If the thought of those uncomfortable nylon bike shorts makes you shudder, it’s time to choose a better alternative.

Bike short is that one item of clothing that women should have with them at all times. Here’s more on why you need to shop for one if you haven’t already.

All Day Comfort at Home

You can now buy women’s boxer briefs with longer inseam in lieu of traditional nylon bike shorts.

Yes, women’s boxer briefs are now available with many retailers. Some brands have gone out of their ways to design the perfect boxer briefs for women. Choose one with a 9-inch inseam if you want to use it as bike shorts. The good thing about longer bike shorts is that you can use them under dresses and skirts on windy days. You can even use them to tone your thighs a bit when you wear 9-inch bike shorts under your pants.

You can also choose from 3 or 5 inches of inseam when buying boxer briefs to wear as bike shorts at home. Pair them up with long tank tops or t-shirts for a perfect home outfit. You can even sleep wearing such shorts.

But ensure that you choose bike shorts made with micro modal and elastane. Cotton boxers or shorts can fade and stretch. But micro modal is resistant to such problems. It is also a softer material when compared to cotton. Micro modal wicks moisture too. Elastane (5% is more than sufficient) will add that comfort factor to the fabric.

You can choose from a number of colors to break the monotony of wearing only white or dark-colored shorts. Choose bike shorts in maroons, beige, gray, blue, and even in nice multicolored hues.

The Perfect Shorts for Casual Outdoor Outings

Aren’t their days when you simply wish to spend the entire day outdoors doing nothing? You may perhaps want to indulge in some sporting activity with family or friends. But if you don’t feel like wearing bulky denim shorts or cotton shorts that are not really made for outdoor activities then choose micro modal bike shorts.

If you wish to spend a few hours cycling in the countryside or around your favorite circuit; choose comfortable micro modal bike shorts instead of nylon ones. If the weather is hot, you may even want to forgo the biking trip due to the mere thought of wearing nylons. But with comfortable micro modal shorts, you won’t need to entertain such thoughts. You can step out and enjoy your outing. The micro modal will wick moisture while you indulge in any sort of physical activity. You won’t need to tolerate nylon just to keep your shorts dry from your perspiration.

The Alternative to Uncomfortable Underwear

When you buy micro modal bike short for women, you can also use them as underwear. Boxer briefs for women can be quite versatile. You can use them as bike shorts, everyday underwear, and even as a safety net under your skirts and dresses.

It can be a bit uncomfortable to wear even bikini or hipster styles of underwear under dresses or skirts. There is always a risk of the underwear showing while you sit or move around outside. But with versatile bike shorts in hand, you can use them to remain comfortable when wearing dresses or skirts. Another benefit of using bike short for women as underwear is that you won’t need to deal with visible lines of your underwear under your outfits.

If you choose a micro modal as the fabric for the shorts, you will be comfortable too with your choice of underwear.

Durable Underwear and Bike Shorts Option

Boxer briefs with reinforced stitching, a nice snug waistband, and the quality micro modal fabric are going to last you longer than the usual cotton underwear.

You can buy a few pairs and keep them separate as underwear and bike shorts. If you choose a quality brand, you can get good use out of them by spending an economical amount for buying them.