Why Choose a Bronzing Tanning Lotion?

Wanting the Right Tanned Look.

Most folks love a nice tan. It’s a way for skin to look treated and sexy. It can be a fun process, too. There is a skill involved in choosing the right time, lying under the sun just so, turning over, and repeating as necessary. And the result (if you don’t get burned) is a nice, tan brown that you can flaunt in a tank top, sundress, or shorts. But for some people who live in climates not amenable to suntanning, this can be a problem. Living in coastal rainy cities like Seattle, where it is overcast much of the time, can put a damper on your process of suntanning. In between bouts of clear skies, there may be several overcast days in which your tan can fade and leave you having to start over. Couple that with the shorter summer seasons and you have a small window of opportunity—unless you have the right bronzing tanning lotion.

If you still crave that smooth, tanned look, you have a couple of options: you can go for sessions at a tanning salon (which can get pretty steep after several), or you can choose any number of types of bronzing tanning lotions. Bronzing tanning lotion is developed to specifically tackle the problem of a climate with sparse sunning time, or for people who simply can’t spare the time at all.

What is a Bronzing Lotion?

Bronzing tanning lotion is a topical cosmetic product that pigments the skin into slightly darker shades of its natural pigment without having to suntan or use a tanning bed. It can also be used to augment a tan you already have. Bronzing tanning lotions contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is a colorless glycerin derivative, as well as moisturizers, vitamins, and natural pigments. It works by a chemical reaction between DHA and the amino acids in the dead upper layers of skin, which darkens the skin.

Why Choose a Bronzing Lotion?

Choosing a bronzing tanning lotion over alternatives like suntanning and tanning beds results in a number of benefits:

1. No Skin Penetration.

Suntanning and tanning beds bronze the skin when UVA and/or UVB rays constantly bombard the skin, penetrating into the upper layers. There is always an element of risk to this, as improperly monitored exposure to UVA and UVB rays can result in burns, uneven tans, or, in rare cases, skin cancer. Since the effectiveness of bronzing tanning lotion is due to a chemical reaction, there is no need to worry about any possible harmful effects due to deep skin penetration. The pigmentation only effects the upper dead skin layer.

It is important to note, however, that the body routinely sheds upper-layer dead skin, so maintenance applications of bronzing tanning lotion may be necessary to preserve your look. Fortunately, repeat applications of bronzing tanning lotion are basically harmless.

2. A Darker, More Prominent Tan.

Tanning under the sun or a tanning bed can be a delicate and unpredictable process (more so under the sun). It may take several tanning sessions to achieve the shade you want to show off. With bronzing tanning lotion, however, you can simply regulate the shade by regulating the application. Keep in mind, though, that too much bronzing tanning lotion applied to the skin can make the skin look unnaturally dark.

3. Convenience.

Getting a tanned look by using a bronzing tanning lotion is not contingent on time. Suntans require waiting for the right day and time, finding the right spot, and hoping the sky doesn’t become overcast during your session. Using a bed at a tanning salon can mean that you have to make an appointment, and salons are only open during business hours.

Do you work at night and can’t find the time in the day to tan? Bronzing tanning lotion is the solution! It can be applied any time at your convenience.

4. Less Risk.

Anytime you tan using natural or artificial processes that expose you to UVA and UVB rays, you have the potential to cause harm to the skin, including drying, flaking, burning, or possible skin diseases. Bronzing tanning lotion will not cause acute or long-term harm to skin health, and it actually contains vitamins and minerals that will enhance and preserve smooth, healthy-looking skin.

5. Conclusion.

Bronzing tanning lotion is a cost-effective, convenient, easy means of getting the proper tan shade you want to sport. Depending on what you want your look to be, there are varieties of bronzing tanning lotion made to suit. Best Price Tanning has the best selection of tanning bronzing tanning lotion for several different tastes.