Where to Buy Wisconsin Ginseng?

Wisconsin in the USA has potent conditions for cultivating ginseng of the highest quality. There is something about Wisconsin ginseng that sets it apart from American ginseng (Panax quinquefolis) grown elsewhere in North America. It has a distinct taste because of the unique growing conditions in Wisconsin. Wisconsin ginseng is coveted all over the world due to its unique bittersweet notes and really superior quality.

But you can end up buying low quality of herb if you are not aware of the right place to buy Wisconsin ginseng. There is no better American ginseng available today than the one that has been harvested from Wisconsin farms.

Consider these tips to find the best places to buy Wisconsin ginseng.

Farm to Store

To find the best quality of Wisconsin ginseng, look for sellers or retailers who sell their own products. Ginseng farming requires years of expertise. Only those who cultivate their own products can offer the best harvest of ginseng. Ginseng cultivation requires virgin land and careful planting of seeds. The plant requires unique conditions for optimum growth such as proper shades. Without these conditions, the quality of ginseng will suffer and it won’t taste the same. Without its distinct taste, the value of Wisconsin ginseng is lost. So, ginseng farm owners take great pains to ensure that the harvested root will be simply perfect.

It requires immense hard work to care for ginseng plants and get them ready for harvest. It can take up to five years to harvest ginseng roots after the planting process. It requires proper techniques to harvest, process, and store ginseng without damaging the roots. When you buy ginseng from sellers who grow their own herbs, you can expect the highest quality of the product.

In the USA, ginseng farmers have to follow rigorous safety standards for growing the herb. Use of pesticides is strictly regulated by the Federal bodies. The Federal environmental guidelines ensure that the harvest of the Wisconsin ginseng is of the best quality possible. All ginseng farms need to adhere to cultivation guidelines given by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in terms of pesticide use and other standards.

The ginseng farms in and around Wausau (in Marathon County) in Wisconsin are some of the oldest and the best in the USA. These are family-owned farms. These families know how to grow the best crop of ginseng year after year. When you want to buy superior American ginseng, you need to buy the product from a Wisconsin farm.

So, look for ginseng cultivated at old Wisconsin farms that are available through various stores.

Brand Names

The ginseng farms that have existed in Wisconsin for decades sell their quality products all across the world. A simple online search can help you find the brands names that offer quality ginseng products.

Some old ginseng farms in Marathon County have invested millions of dollars in buying the right equipment for harvesting and storing ginseng. The harvested roots and other ginseng are then packaged and sold through different stores under their own brand names.

Online Retail Stores

You can buy Wisconsin ginseng from ecommerce stores of reputed farms and brand names. You can ensure by the brand name that the products you are buying have been made with the highest farming standards of Wisconsin ginseng.

Reputed brands also sell through other ecommerce stores all across the world. Look for ginseng cultivated and packaged by established farms in Wisconsin. Everything else is just standard American ginseng that can come from parts in Canada or elsewhere in the USA. But it won’t be of the same quality that the world has come to expect from Wisconsin ginseng.

Look for ginseng products that are sold without artificial food coloring or MSG. The product you are buying must be 100% natural.

When in doubt about the product quality, simply contact the company from the email or phone number listed on their farm or retail store website. You can ask them about the stores where their products are available in stores around the world.

If you want to use the best ginseng, you need to buy Wisconsin ginseng.