What to Know About Fraternity Apparel

Fraternity fashion is all about comfort with a touch of sophistication. For fraternity members, it can be really tough to navigate the world of campus fashion. With so many formal and casual events lined up, it can be difficult to decide on the right fraternity apparel. After all, the right fraternity clothing items are essential in order to make a good impression amidst your fellow Greek life brothers and other students in general.

Like all other fashion, fraternity style can also be neatly divided into formal, semi-formal and casual wear. Here is what you need to know about fraternity apparel.

Fraternity Apparel – a Simple Style Guide

Formal Fraternity Apparel

It is a good idea to invest in a suit or tux for formal fraternity events. It will come in handy to attend all formal fraternity events such as fundraisers, dinners etc. You will also need a tie or bow, cufflinks, and dress shoes. For those fraternity members who do not wish to invest in more than one suit, it helps to buy several dress shirts and ties to help you navigate all formal events without looking the same.

Buy a pair of Oxfords for formal events. It helps to keep your choice of socks to plain white, black, gray, or navy. As a member of a fraternity, you will have plenty of occasions to wear patterns in your socks or ties.

Semi-Formal Fraternity Apparel

All fraternity members need a few options when it comes to their semi-formal attire. Khakis are a must-have item for fraternity members. You can pair your khakis with shirts, sweaters, and blazers. One popular semi-formal fraternity look is to wear khakis with cotton shirts and dark-hued plain sweatshirts.

You can wear Oxfords or other semi-formal style shoes with your khakis or slacks. Always pair your dress shirts with your slacks. You will need to dress in semi-formal fraternity apparel for interviews, chapter events, dinners etc.

Semi-formal apparel consisting of chino-style colorful shorts with shirts is quite popular with fraternity men. You can go as outrageous or subtle with the color of your chino shorts as you want. Choose shades such as coral, yellow, salmon pink, sky blue, or peach. You can wear them with formal shirts, blazers, colorful bow ties, and semi-formal shoes of your choice.

You can choose patterns for socks or ties. But it helps to not mix the two. When it comes to semi-formal attires, there is something called ‘too many patterns’, which is best avoided.

Casual Fraternity Apparel

Casual fraternity wear is quite fun. Bring out your hoodies, t shirts, fleece jackets, shorts, jeans, and loose-fitting pants.

Wear chinos with polo t shirts or jeans with crew necks. Pair your favorite hoodie with dark blue jeans. With casual wear, feel free to sport your accessories such as beanies, caps, headbands, fanny packs, and eccentric sunglasses. Sweatpants can also come in handy to wear with casual t-shirts or sweatshirts with your fraternity’s stitched letters.

Casual wear is where you can really shine with your fraternity apparel. You do not need to put together a “look” or really buy expensive clothes as required for formal events. You can choose to wear any color you want. You can really rock the casual look for everyday campus events – right from your classes to those fun parties!

What Else?

– Less is definitely more when it comes to fraternity apparel. It is best to keep your look streamlined with the basics and to not overwhelm your style with too many colors or prints all at the same time.

– Formal or semi-formal styles of sunglasses are ideal for recruitment events and you can easily pair them with your short-shirt look.

– It can be wise to invest in a few pair of shoes for all types of outfits. It is best to keep different styles segregated to keep your expensive Oxfords or formal shoes from damage.

– It is best to buy various styles of t shirts to vary the casual fraternity look. It is so easy to pair the same sweatshirt with chinos, jeans, or cotton shorts to create different looks.

– Wearing fraternity apparel can be as much about the brotherhood as it can be about fun.