What are the Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Canvas Shopping Bags?

If you haven’t yet used eco-friendly canvas shopping bags then you are definitely missing something. Using one can be extremely advantageous for you in many ways. For these reasons, more and more shoppers are now switching to canvas bags in lieu of plastic and other kinds of bags.

Convenience of Use

One of the biggest advantages of using eco-friendly canvas shopping bags is the convenience factor. These are no-fuss; use-them-as-you-please kind of bags.

You don’t need to keep them wrapped up in plastic protective sheets when not in use (like you need to do with expensive shopping bags). Canvas bags won’t get damaged with scratches, unlike plastic or leather.

You can stow a few in your car for quick grocery runs. You can fold one easily and carry it in your bag. When you have a shopping bag with you at all times; you can shop without having to shell out on new ones at the grocery store. You will not even need to contend with paper bags for heavy loads, which are always ready to burst open.

You can also clean your canvas shopping bags. Eco-friendly bags are made with good quality organic cotton. Such materials are easy to wash at home. You can simply use your usual detergent for the purpose.

Low Cost

One of the surprising advantages of canvas bags is their lost cost. Yes, buying one (or a few) won’t be heavy on your pocket. So, you can easily stock up on them. You can also buy several such bags in different sizes due to their low cost.

Good quality cotton bags will also last you for a long time; depending on how you use them. So, using such bags turns out to be quite economical.

Sturdy and Comfortable

Canvas shopping bags are quite sturdy and hence comfortable to use. Depending on the bag’s size, you can use one to carry heavy loads.

So, use them to carry fruits like apples, melons, pears or vegetables like potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and squashes. Also, easily use them to carry other groceries such as rice and pulses.

Canvas shopping bags by good brands will have strong stitches and handles. The material will be thick enough to withstand heavy usage.

When buying eco-friendly canvas shopping bags, look for certain things such as the size of the handle (must be extra-wide), strength of the handle (must have X stitches) stitches on the top hem (should be double), strong exterior edges (must have piping), and material (good quality organic cotton).

Such canvas bags will be sturdy and comfortable to use. Good shopping bags will also have several bottle sleeves that you can remove from the bag. Such sleeves are handy for carrying wine bottles, juices, and other beverages from the stores.

Multipurpose Usage

Canvas shopping bags can be used to carry other things than groceries. Use them for carrying extra books from one place to another – say from the library to your home, to a friend’s place from your home, etc.

Use them for your mall visits. You will have an eco-friendly bag to use. You won’t need to shell out extra on bags from the stores.

You can also use sturdy canvas bags around the house for easy and low-cost organizing. You can keep separate sets for stores and home use. Use the cleaner home ones to store potatoes, onions, rice, pasta, spices, and other pantry items that you buy regularly.

You can also use them to organize laundry and toys. If you are short of wardrobe space in your house, canvas bags can be handy to store extra stuff that you don’t need to a daily basis. You can quickly sort through the stuff just in case you need anything from the bags.

Good for the Environment

Eco-friendly bags are, of course, really good for the environment. Plastic remains in the soil for hundreds of years. It clogs the oceans and harms aquatic life. Toxins from plastic contaminate groundwater. No such harm comes from eco-friendly canvas shopping bags.

The manufacturing process of eco-friendly bags is also not harmful. Organic cotton farming is devoid of pesticides. If you buy white bags, there is no harm to the environment from dyes and the dyeing process.