What Are Gym Bag Essentials?

Most people remember to pack workout clothes and shoes. But it is easier to miss packing small but essential items that you may need to use in the gym. It is not until you are all sweaty in the gym and may reach for your towel in the bag to find it missing that you realize the importance of a well-packed gym bag.

Assuming you will remember to pack your workout clothes and sneakers, here is a list of small gym bag essentials for your convenience.


It is important to carry your own towel with you to the gym. Try to pack two small cotton towels instead of one big one. Sweat that keeps trickling down your face can hinder your workout routines. Sweat can also make your hand slippery and you can risk injuries by not wiping it down. Excessive perspiration can also drip down on the equipments and not wiping it away is simply bad gym etiquette.

Grooming Products

Whatever toiletries you need during and after your workout should be in your gym bag. Some standard toiletries are shampoo, soap (body wash), and a moisturizer. Other items are a razor, hair elastics, facial wipes, and deodorant. Girls gym bag can also include a soothing salve to use after using the razor. Don’t forget to pack a hair brush or a comb.

An Extra Pair of Socks

Always keep an extra pair of socks in your gym bag. If the socks you are wearing become extra sweaty, you can quickly change them without risking infections in your feet from excessive moisture inside the shoes.

Facial Wipes

You can use them for quickly removing impurities and sweat on your skin during or post your workouts. Use of facial wipes can also refresh your skin and help you complete your workout sessions more comfortably. Facial wipes are also useful when you have to leave the gym after workouts without proper time for showering and grooming.


Remaining barefoot in the gym shower is an open invitation to infections such as toenail fungus. It has nothing to do with the hygiene standards at your gym. Fungi can thrive in wet areas and where moisture prevails. So, always wear plastic flip-flops in the gym showers. Flip-flops can also come in handy when you are waiting to shower after your workout and wish to remove your sweaty socks and shoes but do not wish to be barefoot.

Specific Gear

People often forget workout accessories even when they are diligent about packing their clothing.  Examples can include yoga mats, swim caps, and weight-lifting gloves.

Water Bottle

It is best to use your own water bottle in the gym that you can keep by your side. Buy a reusable one made from steel and keep it with you for optimum hydration throughout your workout.

Healthy Snacks

Many a workouts sessions are ruined when you exit the gym starved and find yourself face-to-face with a greasy snack stand that you simply can’t avoid. It is easy to give into greasy/unhealthy temptations when you are really hungry. Instead keep your gym bag stocked with healthy snacks like protein bars and nuts to satiate your hunger.

Reusable Plastic or Laundry Bag

It can come in handy to store your sweaty clothes and wet flip-flops.

Just-in-Case Items

Most gyms have a first-aid kit available for members. But it is wise to keep a few bandages with you in the bag. Girls’ gym bag must have tampons and essential makeup items in case you wish to go out with friends after your workout. Breath mints or a small tube of tooth paste and a toothbrush can also come in handy when freshening up after a workout.

Now, pack it all in a perfect gym bag.

It is easy to forget essential gym items when you don’t have convenient storage in your bag. When you have proper compartments for specific items in the bag, it is easy to remove what needs to be cleaned and replenished and what can remain inside the bag without restocking it (such as specific gear, water bottle and such).