Top Reasons to Buy Grass Rug

Grass rugs are made from materials such as seagrass and mountain grass. These natural materials are ideal for weaving rugs to use in any indoor space. Not only a grass rug can enhance any décor; these natural fiber flooring materials also offer many benefits when used.

Here are the top reasons to buy grass rugs.

Grass rugs are free from toxins and chemicals.

Grass rugs are woven without enhancing their natural shades with harmful dyes.  For this reason, it is extremely safe to use them anywhere in the house. There is no use of dyes in the production of grass rugs.

You can use these modern rugs without worrying about your family’s health getting impacted with chemicals in the dyes.

Grass rugs can help to reduce allergens from your indoor environment.

Indoor air pollution is a real thing. The air inside the house can be filled with dust, dirt, fumes, mold, and other allergens. Many household items such as cleaners emit toxins, which pollute the air. These toxic fumes then get inside your body when you breathe. But there is no such risk when you use grass rugs. When you use grass rugs in your house, you can minimize the chemical fumes inside your house.

Grass fibers in the rugs have the ability to capture and trap the allergens, which are then easy to vacuum away. So, you get the benefit of another layer of safety from allergens inside the house.

Grass rugs are stain-resistant.

Stains and spills can ruin any carpet or rug but not if you use one made with grass. Grass rugs are stain-resistant and also easier to clean. You can prevent stains, blotches, and blemishes by simply wiping away spilled drinks or water from grass rugs.

Grass rugs are tough and can withstand rough use.

Materials such as seagrass and mountain grass are quite tough and tolerate daily wear and tear in any indoor environment quite well – be it your home or office. It is possible to use grass rugs in areas of heavy footfalls in the office as well as homes.

Grass rugs can be quite soft too.

Even though grass rugs can be tough, it is still softer as a flooring material compared to many others. You won’t feel the toughness when walking on the carpet. Grass rugs are ideal to use in households with kids, pets, and the elderly. Grass fibers can be kinder to everyone’s feet.

Grass rugs are environment-friendly.

Production of grass rugs doesn’t cause any harm to the environment. Grass is a sustainable natural fiber and easier to harvest. Also, no chemicals or dyes are required for the production of grass rugs. For this reason, grass rugs offer even more environment-friendly benefits.

It is also possible to recycle grass rugs once you are ready to discard one. 

Grass rugs can enhance the look of any décor.

Natural accents can complement any decorative style – be it traditional or contemporary. You can use any hue for the walls or furniture without even worrying about your grass rug complimenting the color scheme in a room. Seagrass rugs are available in varied shades of green and brown. The colors of mountain grass can be a bit darker than seagrass. Shades of green can accentuate neutral color schemes in a room with just a pop of brightness. Browns can go well with neutral shades as well as with bright colors with equal aplomb.

The weave patterns of grass rugs can add another dimension of design depth to the décor. Herringbone, basket, or tight-knit weaves can look exceptional with any kind of flooring, furniture, colors, and other accents in a room.

You can even customize the look of your grass rugs by opting for colored borders or any shape you want. Depending on the store, you can order grass rugs with your own unique custom spin on this exceptional flooring material. Some stores offer options to their customers for designing their own grass rugs depending on their unique needs and preferences. You can enjoy the earthiness emanating from the grass rugs while choosing the color combinations or shapes of your preference.

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