Tips to Buy Home Projectors and Accessories Online

Literally, a TV screen is always an ever-expanding electronic good. Nowadays one can easily get a reasonably priced as well as high quality 65 to 70-inch TV, and even one can buy some of the TV configured with innovative technologies at a reasonable rate. However, for getting the best cinematic experience, it is best to buy home projectors. Projector screens reach beyond 130 inches very easily, and the latest projectors support 4K UHD resolution as well as have a wide range of colors just like 4K TV. Home projectors are a little more complicated than TVs, and you need to do extra research, but the top home projectors and accessories will help in bringing your home theater to life. Everyone is aware that most of the manufacturers have their online outlets, so it would be wise if a buyer visits a traditional store where one can check all the specifications and have a first-hand experience that suits their needs. This will help in solving most of their queries before buying online. Below we will be discussing some points how to buy home projectors and accessories online.

Controlling the Light in the Room – The first thing one need to consider for picking the right projector is room lighting. Read the specifications and look for a model that handles well-lit rooms or moderate ambient light including screens that can reject ambient light. For contrast, a home projector needs darkness for making an image looks bold but not washed out which will help in making color calibration easy.

Availability of Space for Screen Installation – While browsing through various projectors and accessories check the screen size provided on the site and it should fit at your home easily. For installing a screen, you need both the means and space. First, you have to mount a motorized or manual drop-down screen from the ceiling. One can also place a fixed screen on the wall if you have ample space. One can also paint the wall by using special projection screen paint. Buy the right size so that you can put the A/V receiver, speakers, and the furniture around the screen. For getting the exact width and height measurements, various calculators are available online.

Having Sufficient Distance – Customers looking to buy home projectors and accessories online must look for the distance points. There are two points that are the throw distance, which is the distance between the screen and the projector, the other is the viewing distance that describes how far the projector is from your seat to the screen. There are many ultra-short and short throw projectors where you can get 100 to the 110-inch widescreen image from a few feet away. Using an online throw-distance calculator will help in determining the exact space for the projector. Experts recommend that you must sit 10 feet away from a 110-inch screen.

Choosing the Right Area for Installation – This is very important, as you must place the projector at an ideal angle and distance from the screen. The center of the projector’s lens must be aligned with the horizontal center of the screen. While searching online, look for the projectors having a lens-shift feature as it will allow adjusting if the need arises for placing your projector a little off center. However, you should always remember a centered projector would always provide you with the best image quality. Make sure that you can run at least one power and HDMI cable to the installation spot. This can be done easily if you are placing the projector in a cabinet or on the table. If you are unable to understand how to put the wires, discuss with the online technician and book an appointment so that the technician can visit your home and do the installation.

Buying an A/V Receiver – As projectors have fewer connection ports than TVs, a good A/V receiver becomes a natural fit for setting up projectors. As projectors have weak speakers, having an A/V receiver will provide high sound quality so that you can have a full surround sound system.