Tips for Buying Best Custom Designed Hats

In back 1997, the National Sporting Goods Association, the US convened a market study and found that American companies and different societies spent as high as $208 million on buying a custom designed hat and caps decked with a sports logo, corporate logo, the slogan for market promotion, fundraising and other activities. The figure is consistently on the rise with the increasing number of outdoor enthusiasts, sports lovers, and retail sellers. Custom hats are considered as the steadiest market promotional tools used by corporate giants today. Here’s a set of 6 tips for buyers interested to procure their most favorite custom hat.

Choose the right hat

Given that, you can get custom designed hats in a series of varieties, it’s not mandatory that you’ve to settle on one particular type. Considering your purpose, activity, weather condition, etc, go for the right hat that fits you in all terms.

• Snapbacks – one of the most demanding hat types available out there and worth considering for your wardrobe. The main loop of the hats is made of five or six panels and with an adjustable strap on the back that makes it easy-to-wear for anyone. Widely used by baseball and outdoor enthusiasts, they are the great choice for companies and groups intended to promote brand image.

• Trucker caps – Available with mesh paneling, high sturdy dome, and flat brim, the cap has taken a significant place in the fashion industry. Being well-liked, more and more marketing companies nowadays go for trucker hats for business promotion.

• Dad hats – With a rounded brim, lower edge, and cute look, they’re one of the top selling hats in the world. From kids to professionals and stylish college girls to elderly, everyone loves wearing dad hats before they get started for playing, cycling, or gardening.

• Beanies – Great items for the chilly season because they offer warmth, comfort, as well as style. Beanies are the best choice for marketing people to promote them as Christmas gifts.

Make your designs embroidery / direct-to-garment printing friendly

Both embroideries, as well as direct-to-garment printing, is in the trend to place your logo or create a unique design. In fact, you can have your custom design hat finished with embroidery finish or opt for DTG printing option or in their combination. However, designs should be complementary to the type of caps in terms of their size, placement, and color.

Go for minimalist

Ideally, a minimalistic logo design looks striking rather than having an extremely complex one especially due to the small topography of custom hats. The logic is simple. Since the area is restricted, a simple design will look catchier than a complex one and makes them easy to embroider which you will get with tight multihued threaded lines. For flat embroidery, you should go with a minimum thickness of 0.05″ to 0.5″, however, for developing a 3D puff designing, you should have a minimum thickness of 0.2″ to 0.7’’ to bring the actual appeal of the design. For text-based designs or logo, keep in mind that less number of fonts is the best choice while more letters typically make the design messier.

Choose colors matching to the logo

When it comes to embroidery custom design or direct to garment printing, you can choose logo colors out of extensive color palette which accent with the logo seamlessly. Also, choose the base color of your cap since the print color or embroidery will work should be perfectly matching with the fabric color. Whereas you have a brand or corporate logo with some specific color say for blue, gray or cherry, always go for light color hats that makes it more prominent.

Choose logo position

Indisputably the best logo position for your custom designed hat is the frontal part of a hat and looks great in the center. Sometimes positioning them in odd angles also looks great. If you like to combine an inflated logo on the hat with a corporate slogan in printing, that can be placed just below the logo as a thumb rule with a minimum gapping of ½ ‘’ among them.

Go for a reputable supplier

Since you’re buying in bulk, it makes sense to directly deal with major suppliers of custom designed hats instead of common online stores. Make your logo digitized and make sure that the supplier is equipped with the latest standard of machines designed for making hats of different types. In order to ensure the quality of materials, workmanship, stitching, and finishing, it’s an ideal choice to get a sample from the supplier before placing the order.