Things You Should Know Before You Buy Silk Lashes

This post will answer all the questions you ask yourself about silk lashes before buying them. Gaining massive popularity year after year, silk lashes have become one of the most favorite accessories for women to enhance the beauty of their eyes.

One of the most commonly followed phenomena, silk lashes are the ideal product chosen by innumerable women around the world to help enhance their features and give a natural look. This post talks in detail about the most frequently asked questions regarding the working process of false eyelashes, how are they applied, what glue to use, is it safe or not, etc.

Silk lash application: silk lashes are false lashes that are applied carefully to the real ones. These are high-quality products extracted from real silk if bought from a trusted seller. They are glued to the real lashes one by one, individually, keeping in mind the shape of the eye. There also is an option to customize the eyelash according to your needs, it will help you in avoiding short or fewer volume appearances. The results of these customized lashes will differ from one person to another depending upon the earlier density of the lashes. But if you are specifically looking for volume in your lashes, silk lashes are your best bet for all kinds of shapes and density.

Why ask for professional help? Your eyelids and the area around your eyes are extremely sensitive, in no given scenario try to experiment with it by putting silk lashes on by yourself. Taking a professional’s help is the most sensible thing to do in this scenario to ensure that no harm is caused during the process. All the significant steps must be followed to sterilize everything, from the area around the eyes to the equipment. And these things can only be done the best by professional experts with years of experience. The silk lashes should be placed carefully on your eyelashes only when all the right criteria have been met.

The application: Once you have found the right professional expert, the first thing they will do is check what size will suit your face. This decision is based on the size of the natural lashes, the shape of the eye, and eyelids. The lower layer of the lashes is protected by putting tape on it followed by the scanning process of the lashes to ensure that the placement is done perfectly. The length and volume can be decided by you and discussed with the expert and they will tell you if it will go well with your eyes or not. There are long and short silk lashes placed on the outer and inner layers of the lashes. Each lash is perfectly placed individually by a medically approved adhesive that has no harmful side effects. The entire process takes about two hours and you will be done with the most luscious looking lashes.

Is it for everyone? It is for one and all, but it is for the people who have lost their lashes for some reason or do not have very heavy lashes. Silk lashes are just right for the people who like volume and intensity. It is also nice for people who cannot apply cosmetic products often because of allergies or the ones who have their lashes in a downward direction. Above everything else, it is great for people who appreciate the finesse and like to stay groomed most of the time and do not want to hassle through going to salons for that.

The damage: Silk lashes do not damage your eyes at all because of the material they are made with which is completely natural. It is not the lashes that you will have to worry about, but the glue that should be focused on. It is important to ensure that the glue used to stick the lashes is of the best quality and medically approved. A good adhesive will not damage your eyes or the area around it.