Things to Consider When Buying Bike Short for Women

While there are various similarities between men and women’s cycling apparel, there are just as many (if not more) differences. Now even though men’s cycling gear have been longer in the market, women’s apparel have much more options spread across a myriad of body types.

Do not underestimate the female body. There are so many different female shapes out there, and therefore, an equal amount of choices for you to pick your fancy. You have your fit and slim skinny-girl fit, the regular chikas, the plus-size, and petite type. But is this enough to decide what kind of bike shorts are ideal for you?

Factors To Consider While Buying Bike Shorts For Women

Finding the right pair of bike shorts is almost the same as finding your prince charming. You might have to kiss a few toads along the route, but you end up with “the one”. Before we cover the four factors to consider before buying a bike short for women, have you considered this:

Bike Shorts are Worn Without Underwear

The very thought of this alone makes some people squeamish. So, this should help you decide whether you want to go through with this decision. But remember, they are still designed specifically to cater to your needs while maximizing your comfort levels. The good news is that bike shorts for women today are a lot more comfortable than they were in the 70s and 80s.
(Pro tip: Doesn’t hurt to store a little anti-chafe cream and other lubricants to complement those snug bike shorts).

1. Fit

The key component is a comfort; when you’re cycling (for fun or physical exercise), the last thing you want to feel is uncomfortable (well, additional to the physical exertion). The good news is that most bike shorts for women are designed in such a way that the waist circumference and hip measure are larger. This is because women’s thighs are typically thicker than men’s.

Therefore, women’s bike shorts have a capaciously-cut leg gripper so as to support the weight on their hips and legs. This is for your average-sized woman; there are special cuts available for fit & slim, plus size, and tall cuts also. But remember to keep the factor of comfort in your mind while picking out your choice. The shorts need to be a snug fit so that the pad stays tight against your skin. If you find it protruding out of your crotch area, then you know you did not get the right fit.

2. Pad Thickness

As you’ve probably guessed already, bike shorts come with attached pads so as to cushion your pelvic area while cycling. There are many different thicknesses and densities of padded bike shorts available- they have been carefully curated to offer shock absorption and overall abrasion control. Bike shorts for women usually have a pillow in the front and the center of the pad, which gets wider towards the back. The best way to decide whether it’s your perfect fit is by trying it on and finding what’s most comfortable for you.

3. The Perfect Chamois Pad

Did you know that women’s bike shorts contain chamois pads that are generally wider than men’s? With high-end fabrics like Coolmax brand polyester laminated on these shorts, you don’t have to worry about issues like bacteria growing on the surface. You want to look for chamois pas that have the most hydrophobic surfaces, so as to ensure that the surface stays dry. This, in effect, prevents the growth of bacteria. Whether the pad is treated with an antibacterial, silver or carbon ion finish, you must ensure that the chamois pad has a clean touch. This helps prevent saddle sores in the future.

4. Maintenance

Remember that women’s bike shorts cannot simply be tossed into the dryer; it is recommended that after machine washing them, you hang them out to dry. Air drying your bike shorts prolongs the life of the rubber lycra spandex, which is a part of your shorts. Knitted into them, this component is easily affected by heat and must, therefore, be kept away from your dyers. But don’t forget to give them a thorough machine wash first, so as to remove potential bacteria that may form at the crotch area. You want to avoid saddle sores, which are caused by bacteria. Starting with slight abrasion, the presence of bacteria aggravates it.