Things to Consider for Purchasing Sorority T Shirts

There is something really fashion-forward when it comes to sorority t shirts. These t shirts with Greek letters and prints go well with just about any other item of clothing. You can wear them any time of the day. With the right accessories, sorority t shirts can also be worn for formal events (paired with the perfect pant or skirt). But the t shirts have to be just right in terms of quality and design for them to make a stylish impact.

Here are some things to consider when purchasing sorority t shirts.

Buy Quality Threads

In order to look good wearing your sorority t shirts, it is important to consider quality as an important parameter. You may find t shirts made with poor quality fabrics perhaps a little less inexpensive than those made with premium threads. But the former ones may not last you long and they may also not look that great when you wear them.

When checking for quality in a t shirt, also examine the stitching to see if it is done well. Uneven stitching (if it not part of the design) is something you need to avoid altogether.

Choose Custom Designs

When you are buying sorority t shirts, don’t simply restrict your purchases to readymade items. Extend your shopping to include custom-designed t shirts as well. Look for online stores that offer simple ways to custom design sorority outfits.

With custom designs, you can create sorority t shirts as per your own preference. You may be someone who prefers a lot of metallic elements in their t shirts. Perhaps you like bursts of colors in your Greek apparel. It can be difficult to find the designs you prefer readily available at Greek apparel stores. So, go all out and create your own sorority t shirts.

You can create your own unique patterns for days leading up to recruitment events, fun outings, sports events etc. If you don’t like stitched letters, use foil designs for your sorority symbols. If metallic designs don’t make you sing then choose screen printing to create new patterns on your new sorority t shirts.

Select Numerous Colors

Sorority t shirts do not cost much. So, you can buy them in various colors even if your budget for sorority clothing is limited. Look beyond the usual white letters on colored t shirts.

Think of different combinations such as golden with black or white; red and purple, or even fuchsia and peach. Yes, and why not! If you don’t see the color combinations you want, you can create your own while shopping from stores that offer custom-designing options to their customers.

Purchase Different Styles

Buy Greek life t shirts with different necklines and sleeves for variety in your sorority wardrobe. Choose from V-necks, crewnecks, and deep necks. Purchase t shirts with different sleeve styles for every season – short sleeves, elbow sleeves, long sleeves to raglan, and more.

Short-sleeved t-shirts can look good with plain short skirts as well along with the usual jeans and shorts. Imagine a coral t shirt with white short skirt and stylish sneakers! Now, this is a winning look for any casual sorority event or even for your usual college days.

Recognize Good Pricing

Don’t restrict your sorority t shirt shopping to once a year such as at the time of the recruitments. Spread it throughout the year to take advantage of the special discounts, reward points, and sales to get more items for less. Keep checking your favorite online stores for announcements about seasonal sales and discounts.

Also, be willing to pay for quality, craftsmanship, and distinct designs. If you recognize an item that is premium in terms of its workmanship, snag it before it is bought by another savvy shopper. Consider pricing in terms of the value you are getting in return. Good quality sorority t shirts can last you a long time; something you can cherish long after you are done with your college days.

Most importantly, have lots of fun when shopping for sorority t shirts. It can be a really fun thing to do with so many colors, designs, and styles available at your disposal.