The Best Gym Bags for Every Type of Exerciser

When you exercise regularly, you need a gym bag that not only fits in all your gym essentials but also matches your lifestyle.

Here are some tips to find the ideal gym bag for everyone who takes their workout routine seriously and also have fun with it.

The Fashionable Exerciser

If style is very important for you then just any gym bag won’t do. If both style and function hold equal measure for you then a duffle bag with lots of compartments is ideal for you. You may want the bag big enough to hold your workout gear and gym essentials. But it should also look good when you carry it.

Look for a duffel bag that can hold your workout essentials and accessories that you need to put a fashionable foot outside. Small pockets for jewelry, sunglasses, and accessories as well as toiletries are ideal for those who require perfect grooming before they step outside the gym.

The Practical Exerciser

If practical aspects of a gym bag take precedent for you over style then look for large gym bags that fulfill your exact requirements. But given the variety available in the market, you won’t need to compromise style for function.

If you need easy-to-remove-and-pack yoga mat holder, you can find a bag with this function. If you need separate compartments for toiletries, sweaty clothes, phone, wallet, water bottle, or anything else then there are gym bags available today that can fulfill your requirement. You may also want a gym bag with laptop compartment if you need rush to work right from the gym.

The Serious Exerciser

If your workout routine consists of different exercise styles, you may want a bag that can hold different types of clothes and gear. If you need a bag with a mat holder for your yoga class, separate sections to hold gear like swimming goggles, and gloves for a serious session of weight training then you need a big duffel bag with numerous compartments and easy-to-hold straps.

If you exercise really long hours and participate in many different classes then a small bag won’t meet your needs. You may need to pack in more than one change of workout clothes if you plan to go to a yoga session the same day you went for a CrossFit class in the morning. Not to forget twice a week swimming sessions that you simply can’t miss. The heavy-duty exerciser in you may need space for a yoga mat, swimming gear, gloves, a good amount of snacks, toiletries, and anything else that you want to pack in the bag.

The Always-in-the-Rush Exerciser

How about a backpack that can double up as a gym bag as well an office/errand bag? If you are a busy person who needs to fit workouts and office seamlessly during the day without the time to go home and change the bag then opt for styles with separate vented chambers for sweaty clothes and neat compartments for your laptop, office items, and different accessories.

Make sure you buy a sturdy bag that can withstand the wear-and-tear due to your busy schedule. A good choice is ballistic nylon for the external material.

The Travel-Ready Exerciser

A large duffel bag that can fit a week’s worth of outfits along with compartments for your gym and travel essentials can be ideal for you. You can also opt for a backpack-style gym bag if you frequently travel for work on short trips and don’t have time to go home and pack separately. Girls Gym bag also a good idea for frequent travelers.

A backpack or a small duffel bag is also ideal if you use one bag for the gym and office, frequently plan weekend trips, and leave right from your office.

The Couldn’t-Care-Less Exerciser

Then there are people who exercise seriously but couldn’t care less about separate pockets or large bags to hold everything neatly. For them slip pockets are better as they can quickly throw things in one large compartment and use them as needed.

A gym tote is perfect for no-fuss women who like to carry stylish bags with enough practical functions to keep everything organized but not excessively.