Reusable Shopping Bags – Reduce Wastes and Save Our Environment

As a part of our contribution to saving the planet, it is a mandatory step to reduce plastic bags. While many are switching to using reusable bags, many are still unaware of the Why part. In short, the use of reusable plastic bags reduces the need for plastic bags; it also directly affects its production. It thereby lays its effect on other aspects, including spending too much money on plastic bags and reducing the waste in the environment.

Are you looking for more reasons as to why you should opt for reusable shopping bags? Well, then this article will surely prove to be an eye-opener. Let us look through the top ways reusable bags reduce waste and load on the environment, thereby contributing to the cause of saving the planet.

Reduces litter strewn in the planet

Single-use plastics tend to be very weak. We cannot use it multiple times, and thus it ends up getting thrown into landfills and rivers. Most often, shoppers throw it around carelessly on the road. Herein, considering the bag’s weight, even slight wind can carry it off to other places from the recycling bins. Besides clogging drains and soils, plastic bags can also endanger birds’ lives, getting tangled around the neck.

On the other hand, reusable bags are made of biodegradable material, which is easy to dispose of. Thus, reusable bags such as canvas bags, mesh bags, jute bags, and cotton bags reduce the amount of litter ending up in the ecosystem. It also reduces the threat to humans and wildlife.

Reduces emission of greenhouse gases

Compared to plastic bags that are made of non-renewable resources, reusable bags are made from renewable resources. It thus helps in reducing the building up of greenhouse gases in the environment. Herein, using a reusable bag made of materials like bamboo or jute benefits the environment. The materials made of renewable resources are easy to grow and plant quickly. For example, a bamboo plan is easy to harvest without killing the plant and thus helps convert greenhouse gases into oxygen without causing harm to the environment.

It reduces the waste

Reusable bags are made of materials that are easy to recycle and thus use them multiple times. Unlike plastic bags that are difficult to recycle, a bag made of cotton can reuse when it wears out. Moreover, the reusable bags continue to be useful even after it gets worn out. It can be broken down and later converted into something useful that doesn’t end up getting dumped into the landfills.

Saves trees

Based on the data gathered from the Global Forest Resource Assessment, an average of 80,000 to 1,60,000 trees get cut to use it in the paper industry. It roughly adds to 15,000,000,000 trees cut down each year as per data presented by Nature. Like plastic bags, papers also have the same fate that makes reusable nags a wise decision to opt for. Reusable bags reduce the need to cut down trees, thereby saving the environment from damage.

Reduces the use of non-renewable resources

Plastic bags are made of oil. What begins as a fossil fuel ends up killing the ecosystem. Besides, plastic bags also lead to the emission of greenhouse gases that is again harmful to the planet. Opting for reusable bags made of natural materials like cotton, jute, mesh, bamboo, etc., minimizes the production. It makes non-renewable resources available for other purposes without causing a load on the resources.

Multiple uses

• Reusable bags are easy to store and don’t take much space. You can either hang it on the hook or fold it. With this, you would get ample space to keep other things and make the space look less messy.

• It is strong and thicker than paper or plastic bags.

• Purchasing a single reusable shopping bag will save the environment from waste littering and a lot of money spent shopping for a plastic bag.

• It can carry more load in comparison to plastic bags. Besides, many bags also comprise multiple compartments to store products.

Are you ready to go the eco-friendly way?

A minute change of bringing your groceries in reusable shopping bags can break off the domino effect of damaging the planet. Pick wisely, choose green, contribute to saving the planet.