Reasons to Buy a Promise Ring

A promise ring represents a deeper commitment between two people; it doesn’t need to be an engagement or a wedding. It can carry a deep and personal meaning for two people – the giver and the receiver. Promise rings are not restricted by the level of commitment or the reason behind giving it. It can be personal for everyone.

Here are some reasons to give someone a promise ring.

To Convey a Deeper Commitment

One of the top reasons to give someone a promise ring is to make some sort of commitment to that person. The commitment can be a hint of a future engagement or just to convey to the person that you only have eyes for him or her.

There is no set commitment attached to promise rings. Unlike engagement rings that signify a specific kind of commitment, a promise ring can be given to make any level of commitment. It can even be given if you want to cement your relationship with someone as a boyfriend-girlfriend.

To Proclaim Love

People use promise rings to proclaim their love for their partner. Whether you wish to tell your first girlfriend how much she means to you or conveys to your partner of three years that you are serious about their relationship (but not ready for an engagement yet), you can use a promise ring for the purpose.

You needn’t be unmarried to give someone a promise ring to convey your ever-increasing love for your spouse. You can give a promise ring to your partner anytime to declare your deepening love for him or her. You can use a promise ring to affirm your earlier commitments to your partner and further reinforce them.

To Apologize

Promise rings are often also given to someone as a way of an apology. The apology itself needs to be for a drastic mistake on the givers’ part. Perhaps a partner promises greater fidelity on his or her part to someone. Yes, a promise ring is not only to be given by guys. Even women can give it to someone.

Perhaps you have been neglecting your partner lately or prioritizing work over your relationship. If it affects your relationship adversely, and you wish to make it right by your partner, giving a promise ring can make sense.

Even married couples can exchange promise rings to apologize for neglecting each other or taking their marriage for granted.

To Promise Something

You can give a promise ring to well promise something to your partner. The promise can be to get engaged to them within a year’s time, or it can be to become a better partner. The ring can help you reinforce your verbal promise to someone in a more concrete manner.

The promise ring is a symbol of things to come or your love. It is to profess a more serious commitment to someone. Giving someone a promise ring, along with a verbal commitment, makes it even more meaningful.

If you are someone who wishes to not get married anytime soon but loves your partner, a promise ring can be some commitment for the future. Then there are couples who do not wish to get married legally but remain committed to each other. A promise ring can help them cement their bond in a more tangible manner if they wish to do so.

A promise ring needn’t be given to a romantic partner only. Many people give promise rings to their best friends also.

To Sum Up

The good thing about a promise ring is that you can give it to someone to convey your own special message. It doesn’t need to mean anything specific.

Another good thing about promise rings is that there are no specific designs, patterns, or metals attached to them. You can choose a promise ring in any design – be it precious metals, gemstones, or just some engravings. You can also buy promise rings to suit your budget.

But yeah, it is better to ensure that the ring is sturdy enough to last for a long time. It should at least last till you fulfill the promise you made using it, if not longer!