Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Self Massage Tool

In order to buy the best self massage tool, you need to consider several factors before choosing one. It is rather not a good idea to choose a massager just based on its extensive advertising or promotion on social media. It helps to check the factors such as features, types, and cost before spending your money on buying a massager. A bit of research can prove useful when choosing a self massager.

Here are the key factors to consider when buying a self massage tool.


There are different kinds of self massage tools available in the market these days. So, think about the kind of massager you need for your well-being. Percussion massagers are very popular as self massage tools due to their usability for deep tissue massages. Some self massagers come with rollers while others are manual tools. The latter is not really ideal for intense or deep massages. You will also need to manually roll the massager over the affected area. Rollers are also not ideal for restful and effective massages.

You can identify the type of self massage tool that will be ideal for you by understanding the kind of massage you want. For deep tissue and utterly relaxing massages, you can choose a percussion massager.


Self massagers need to be convenient to hold and use. So, look for devices that are easy to hold and charge. The handle needs to have an ergonomic design. The massage head should be perfectly angled for maximum convenience and efficiency.

The massage head needs to be really strong and sturdy. Percussion massagers come with multiple massage head attachments. If you are buying one, look for a device with at least 4-5 different attachments.

The best self massage tool will even come equipped with different types of massage heads in terms of shape and size. Ball head attachments help the percussive action of the massager reach deep inside the tissues. Cone heads can help to relieve specific pain centers in any muscle group.

Most self massagers come with at least two speed settings. But the best ones offer 5-6 speed settings. For everyday use, you don’t need very intense massages. So, you should be able to choose between multiple setting options.

If you are choosing a massager online, you can read about its features for more information. You can also email the manufacturers for more information.


The cost of the massager is also an important consideration. It should seem fair to you when you consider its features, quality, and benefits.

Multiple useful features are worth spending a couple of hundred dollars on; provided the massager is very effective. Some manufacturers offer money-back guarantees, which can be helpful for buyers. You can test the massager’s effectiveness and quality; and then make the decision to keep it. A 30-day money-back guarantee can be useful and more than sufficient to check the product.

A year-long warranty is also a useful perk to consider when considering the cost of the massager. Inquire beforehand the terms of the warranty; as in what all in included in it such as repairs or replacement of parts.

Some massagers also come with a travel case. It can be handy for those who travel a lot and wish to carry their handheld massagers with them for muscle pain relief. You can also carry the travel case in and around the city; as in to your sports training center, office, gym, etc.

Travel cases are also useful for storing the massager properly. The different compartments and foam padding can keep the attachments and the massager safe.

The quality of the massager needs to be really good. Check if the massage heads remain firm or shake when on the highest speed setting. The material of the massager needs to be good too. Otherwise, cracks can appear in the plastic body.

When justifying the cost, consider the benefits of the massager. It will keep your muscles healthy and supple. You will also have increased energy and thus increased productivity. You will also forgo the need to go to professional massage centers and save a ton of money.

Carefully think about the above points to choose the best self massage tool for you.

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