How to Find Great Free Baby Starter Packs

If you are pregnant with your very first baby or having your third, getting baby starter packs can be a huge lifesaver to you. It is no joke that the essential baby items are quite expensive. And if you are tight on budget, you know that the struggle is real to get good baby products at a low price.

But there is good news. You can get great baby starter packs. Yes, for free! from nappies to clothes, you can get most of the baby essentials without spending a penny. Below are some simple ways to get your hands on those free baby starter packs. So, whether you have a baby or know someone who will be delivering soon, then it will surely low down the expense. Check the below post in detail:

● Create a baby registry

Pay extra attention when you create a baby registry. When you complete it, you will receive a free baby starter pack or gift cards as a complimentary gift worth around £100. Things like nappy packs, buggies, cuddle toys, and baby clothes are some things that come as a gift to your baby. With a simple registration, you also get exclusive giveaways and many more.

● Check with family and friends

Like other things which you can use as a substitute in many ways, that is not the case with baby essentials. Most of the time, those things end up taking space in homes where parents no longer need them. So, ask your friends and family members if they have or know someone who has baby starter packs. There are chances you will score a lot of freebies.

● Free sampling

Most companies allow free sampling of their baby products. You can get that to use for your baby. It is a great and effective way to cut down costs.

● Loyalty programs

Many baby companies have something called reward or loyalty programs which give out points. You can collect them and redeem them for gifts, coupons, or even toys.

● Coupons

Many online stores have great coupons to get your hands-on baby starter packs. Such coupons will help you get around for a long time with great stuff. You can find good coupons in your Sunday newspaper as inserts. Keep your eye out to find these great deals.

● Go freecycle

There is an old saying that one man’s trash is another’s treasure. On sites like freecycle, you can get a ton of free baby starter packs. It is a place where people post about the things they longer want. To avoid the trouble of selling, they give their things to other people. So, go and take a look into it to find amazing stuff present there.

● Check out Craigslist

You can find many products on Craigslist. If something you like isn’t free, follow it up. If the item stays there for a while with no one buying it, contact the seller and try to get it for free. Many times, the seller wants to get rid of the things they sell. So, there are chances you may get it for free if it does not sell. But be on the watch because using old items may be risky to the baby. If possible, research about the item’s history before you get it.

● Throw a baby shower

The whole point of a baby shower is to shower the expectant parents and the unborn baby with loads of gifts. Why not manoeuvre this custom to get free baby starter packs? Just convince a friend or a family member to throw a traditional baby shower and invite everybody you know. Depending on the number of guests you have, the gifts you get for your baby can last for years. Also, such an occasion will be a joyous one.

● Trade things for baby’s stuff

You can trade your stuff for baby’s essentials in online forums. This is where a group of parents gets together to trade baby stuff. This is a great opportunity to remove any old stuff you have to get some cool baby stuff. You can also set a group for trading with your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours.