How to Buy Watch Storage Box an Online

Watches have become something of an iconic accessory for both men and women. In fact, sporting a classy watch can help mark a lasting first impression. They are also so diverse in styles, shapes, sizes, and features that often, you will end up dropping a sum on a good watch or two. It becomes crucial then, to also get a case to store them in. And like we do for most things, the internet is our friend. However, what do we need to know before purchasing a watch storage box?

Cheapest is not always your friend

The common idea that a cheap watch does not need the kind of care a more expensive watch is quite contrary to the truth. Due to the cheap material and acrylics on the cheaper watches, it is much more prone to scratches, making it look drabber than their ultra-hard metal and sapphire counterparts. It is an understandably hard pill to swallow if you end up spending almost as much like a watch, on a box to store it but buying one that fails to serve its purpose may eventually just lead to all your watches being damaged, which you will agree is a much heavier loss.

Also, there are great deals online! Second-hand watch boxes in good condition can be a bargain if the features match what you are looking for.

What to look for-

Here are a couple of things to look for when you buy a watch storage box online:

Pillows: Although it may seem silly, the watch pillows that come in a case are extremely important. A flimsy, squishy pillow will not do its job of holding the watch strapped to it. If it cannot hold a moderate-sized watch in place, there is no way it can protect a large watch from slipping and banging against the sides of the case.

While shopping online, look for something plush, oval-shaped and fleece cover. These are the best at doing their job.

Compartment Lining: The material in which the interior of your watch storage box inlined is also a very crucial criterion. If lined with cheap, wearable material, it will quickly disintegrate and your watch will very soon be in direct contact with whatever external material your storage box is made of. Fleece or felt lining is the way to go! Fortunately, this information is usually given in the descriptions while checking out watch storage boxes so you cannot go wrong here.

Compartment Size: You must ensure the compartment size in these storage boxes is enough to accommodate a smaller 38mm, 10mm thick watch as well as a monstrous 52mm diameter dive watch. The compartment should have both rooms within as well as between the compartment and the watch storage box lid. This is to make sure cracks and scratches are not brought on due to contact each time the top is opened or shut.

When you look online, make sure to look up or ask about the dimensions of the compartments to know if they would be able to accommodate your watch(es).

Compartment Numbers: If you have a decent collection of watches, you will definitely need a watch storage box with more storage compartments. The more common ones are single, double, quadruple storage. But if you have upwards of that, do not fret, there are excellent double-stacked watch storage boxes available out there! They come in two separate layers of multiple compartments, thereby allowing you to store all your watches without taking too much of your dresser space. Make sure to know the number of watches it holds, when you shop online. You want to be able to accommodate all the watches you own and have some extra pockets for your future investments.

Locking Mechanism: It is therefore extremely important to identify the locking mechanism of your storage box. You have numerous reviews for the same product at your fingertips! Go through these reviews and get an understanding of how well manufactured the hinge and locking mechanisms are.

Overall aesthetics of your box: If the watch storage box is not visually appealing to you, do not make the purchase.


While you may be tempted to grab at the cheapest option online, make reviews your friend and remember—functionality over price. It will pay for itself over time.