How to Buy the Right Backyard Water Kits

A waterfall kit is perfect for those who wish to create a pondless waterfall in their gardens. You can use a simple backyard waterfall kit to create the perfect body of water to beautify the outdoor space in your house. But you need to buy the right equipment for the backyard waterfall kit to work for you.

Here are some considerations when buying a backyard waterfall kit.

The Filtration System

When buying a backyard waterfall kit, check if it offers both pre-filtration and post-filtration. Such a complete filtration system will ensure that the waterfall has the freshest and the cleanest water supply. Pre-filtration prevents clogs in the waterfall kits and will ensure free flow of the clean water. It will stop leaves, algae, and other debris to reach the main filter.

When you use kits with both pre and post-filtering of the debris, you won’t need to use gravel or rocks for pre-filtration. Waterfall systems that require the use of pebbles and gravel encourage algae growth. The debris stuck between the rocks creates the ideal environment for the algae to grow. The algae growth can completely ruin the look of your garden waterfall. Unchecked, algae can completely take over the waterfall landscape; making it is an unsafe place for your family and pets.

The rotting debris can also make the water unclean and hence unsafe for your family and animal companions. You will need to maintain a safe distance from it to protect you and your family from unhealthy growth in the water and the rocks. What use is a backyard waterfall if you can’t enjoy its beauty? So, choose a filter requiring no use of pebbles and rocks for its filtration system.

If the algae growth is substantial; even algaecides won’t be effective for the problem. Since the debris between rocks will continue to feed the algae, you won’t be able to stop its growth. It can begin to affect the filtration system also. Debris and algae can clog the filter and affect the performance of the pump. You might even need to replace the pump repeatedly over short spans of time; increasing the maintenance cost of the waterfall.

For these reasons, it is best to choose a backyard waterfall kit with an excellent filtration system requiring no rocks for pre-filtration.

The Components

Modular components offer more flexibility to create waterfall designs. You should be able to design the waterfall in a different location than the filters. You shouldn’t need to compromise on the design just because the backyard waterfall kit you purchased doesn’t offer you the flexibility to do so.

Check if the storage basin for the water and the pump chamber are housed in one tank or not. If both the components are in one tank, you won’t need to dig large holes for each component separately. The pump and the storage basin can contain several components each. So, it can become a huge task to create space for them in the ground. It is better if these are placed inside a single tank.

The pumps must be easy to access. The kit must be compatible with both the external as well as the submersible pumps.

The Cleaning Requirement

The backyard waterfall kit must also be easy to clean. Choose a waterfall kit where you can simply remove debris from the filter basket. Many kits also allow you to clean the sediment from the filter by simply flushing it out with water.

Ease of cleaning the filters will help you to maintain it without hassles. A clean filter will reward you with really clean and freshwater. The quality of the water in the backyard or garden waterfalls or ponds makes all the difference to their aesthetics. Clean water will also mean that you won’t need to fear contamination from the debris and germs in it.

Easy Installation

It is best to buy a backyard water kit that is easy to install. You wouldn’t want a cumbersome process to use it. Whether you do it yourself or call professionals for the job; the installation of the waterfall kit and its use must be easy.