How to Buy the Best Girls Gymnastics Leotards

girls gymnastics leotards

Since your baby girl is excited about her gymnastic sessions then being a parent there are few things that would need to do for her. There are many aspects when it comes to the gymnastic session, right from training, the coach, atmosphere, other girls in the session to name a few, but the most important aspect is the girls gymnastic leotards. It is crucial to buy the right leotard for your girl and we understand that it can be hard as there are ample options available in the market and also you want the size to fit perfectly.

When it comes to the girls gymnastics leotards, the range of fabrics and colors is vast. And you should know that every fabric fits differently to the body. Thus, choose a brand and a style that would complement your daughter’s personality and she will feel comfortable in it. Therefore, to help you out pick the right leotards for your budding gymnast, here is a quick guide that you can follow and make the right purchase.

The right fit

Leotards are skin fit, that is how they are supposed to be. But your baby girl should not feel suffocating in it, which means they should not be tight. Leotards are worn during gymnastics performances and you do not want your daughter to have a bad day because her outfit wasn’t comfortable while performing. Therefore, take your daughter to a fitter and jot down all the measurements from bust, waist, torso to hips. Once you have the numbers, it would become easier for you to choose the perfect leotard.

Decide the fabric

You will find different types of fabrics for leotards, but you need to choose the one which will not just look good on your girl but also, she will feel happy in it. There are fabrics ranging from cotton, spandex, nylon, velvet, and many more. Choose a fabric as per your kid’s convenience. But if you require an expert opinion, then always consider buying a cotton-spandex mixture leotard. Since the kids have sensitive skin, cotton would keep it light and comfortable whilst spandex would give that skin fit look to the costume.

Sleeves or no sleeves

Deciding the type of sleeves is also an important thought to give while buying the girls gymnastics leotards. There are different types of sleeves that you would find in the market like sleeves, long sleeves, three-quarter length sleeves to name a few. Depending upon your daughter’s height, likes, and the requirement for the gymnastics session, pick the right one. But usually, the sleeves leotards look the prettiest on little girls, giving them free movements of the hands while performing cartwheels or any floor exercises.

Check the size chart

When you are buying online, the small extra-small sizes could be confusing as they differ from brand to brand. Since you have already noted down your daughter’s measurement for the leotard, do not forget to check the manufacturer’s size chart before you click on the xs or s option.

Set a budget

You do not want to throw in all your money in buying just one leotard. Remember that the girls grow faster. If you have bought a leotard today, you will have to buy another in the next 6 months as your girl might get a bit tall or gain a few pounds. And you do not want your money to go waste. Therefore, invest wisely in the leotards. Normally, good quality cotton-spandex leotards can be bought for around $12-$15 which are pretty much reasonable.

Be it a gymnastics competition or a regular session, you want your baby girl to be super comfortable in whatever she wears. Remember, that clothes are the first thing that boosts confidence and if they are not right, things are surely going to go wrong. Thus, make sure that you choose a leotard that would make your girl feel good and look good. Now that you have a little guide while you buy girls gymnastics leotard, make sure that you are making the right choice for your champ girl.