How to Buy Silk Lashes Online

For a woman looking good is one of the primary confidence boosters that she can get and what better than beautiful eyes with fluttering heavy silk lashes. Once you have added eyelashes to your everyday look it will transform your usual simple look to a fancy one without having to add heavy makeup to spoil your skin.

Silk lashes don’t just add thickness to your natural look but also enhances your eyes and make them look fuller, so bid adieu to your light eye face. There are a number of options available in the market today, you can pick from what suits you the best. There is natural human hair, synthetic, silk, mink, etc. to choose from but if you seek suggestion silk has been taking the market by storm. The popularity of this fashion trend has been growing like wildfire, every day innumerable women are making this an everyday routine without having to hassle through excessive mascara.

But the foremost question is are you really willing to get these silk lashes to amplify your beauty or are you going to continue struggling every morning to get those perfect eyes. And to help you through the confusion here are a few tips and tricks that will handhold you through the process of selection.

– Choices: As mentioned earlier you can pick from a plethora of choices available in the market but to give you a fair idea here are a few details for you. Mink has a soft feather like texture to it and it looks natural to the eyes but the only problem with these mink lashes is that it comes with a hefty price. So rather than burning a hole in your pocket go for silk lashes, they look equally natural and also come with an option get them customized according to your likes and what would suit your face the best. You also have an option to decide on the curl, the length of the lash, and the thickness.

– Sticking it: No, sticking it all at once is not the right way, it may seem like an easy quick escape but it will only spoil the look. Go easy on them, and place them one by one with a semi-permanent glue. Doing it all over again will take an equal amount of time, or maybe more so rather do it right. Eyes are a sensitive area and you wouldn’t want to spoil it so be calm and use products the way they do not hamper your eyes or the skin around it. use good quality glue as well.

– Burning: If at any given point you start to feel any itching, irritation, or a burning situation immediately take it off and stop the process right there. Wash your face and tap it dry with a hot towel. If there is any problem further consult a doctor, do not delay.

– Washing: try as much as you can t not get your silk eyelashes wet, keeping them dry is the key to ensuring that the adhesive is not weakened by constant wetness. Water is not the only source of wetness to stay away from, you will also have to avoid removers and oil-based products that could eliminate the stickiness of the glue.

– Mascara: You can apply mascara on the extensions as well once it has dried and placed right. Try and do it as lightly as possible without spilling it around the lashes, it will be hard to clean later and you may end up spoiling the silk lashes while trying to clean. You can also ask a professional to help you do this for you, this will make your job easy.

Silk lashes are popular for a reason among innumerable women nowadays. These little magic strands not just add a glamourous look to your face but also make your eyes look neater. So, don’t waste more time and find yourself the lashes that suit you the best while not burning a hole in your pocket.