How Reusable Produce Bags Can Help Save The Planet?

One of the indispensable activities in our daily life is food shopping. Mainly we all purchase fruits and vegetables at least once a week owing to the fact that the shelf life is not long. During this process, what we all bring home are plastic bags that are used to pack and weigh the veggies!

Considering the shopping rate and the number of plastic bags one brings home every week, the total number of plastic bags that just one family adds to the plastic dump is significant. Counting the total contribution of plastic bag waste due to vegetable shopping alone is terrifying.

Fortunately, there is an antidote for these plastic bags – Reusable produce bags. They help to cut down the plastic waste and save the planet in many ways. Let us understand in what ways these reusable produce bags help save the planet.

Reusable produce bags – What are these?

Reusable produce bags are the latest entry into the world of carrying bags. They are made of either cloth, jute, muslin or mesh, or any other biodegradable substances. A greener alternative to plastic bags, these are increasingly gaining demand from environment lovers.

How Reusable Produce Bags Save The Earth

Plastic bags are toxic. They are made of chemicals that are found in fossil fuels. When they are thrown out into garbage, plastic bags can end up in landfills, rivers, ponds, oceans, and seas. In some extreme cases, people also do burn these plastic bags, thus letting poisonous gases into the air. All such activities lead to irrevocable damage to the environment.

It is a common sight that animals mistakenly feed on plastic covers assuming them to be food and die due to suffocation. When dumped into water bodies, plastic turns lethal for aquatic life. Environment caregivers also have deep concerns about the plastic waste that is ending up in the oceans and seas.

During floods, hurricanes, and cyclones, if one observes closely, all the plastic bags and bottles that humans dump into the oceans are carried again back to the beaches. This explains the severity and the harmful amounts of plastic we are pushing into the waters.

All these hazards can be easily prevented by switching to reusable produce bags.

Being made of biodegradable material, these bags can easily degrade into soil. They will decompose fully and mix with the soil components leaving no harmful chemicals behind. Even when they are ended up in water bodies, they decompose in an eco-friendly manner leaving no problem for marine animals.

Alongside, these bags are reusable. Unlike plastic bags that are single-use and throw, we can reuse these reusable produce bags many times. In case they get dirty, they are easily washable like normal clothes and then they are ready for future uses, just like new ones! Thus, with one reusable bag, we can cut down the usage of tens and hundreds of plastic bags.

Furthermore, there are several ways to use reusable bags. They are just not confined only to carry fresh produce. They are handy and serve as organizers for wardrobes, fridges, dressing racks, shoe holders, kitchen organizers, etc.

Each produce bag is sturdy and can bear the weight of many vegetables and fruits. When heading up for your next grocery or vegetable shopping, you can also carry these bags, thus reusing them for the better.

Let’s Spread the Awareness

Already using reusable bags? Appreciate your love towards Earth. But here is a question? Are you actively encouraging others to switch to them? Here is one main reason why we should spread the love of canvas bags. Many people do not know their benefits. Out of ignorance or lack of knowledge, they continue the usage of plastic bags. But if we can create awareness about their multiple benefits along with the positive contribution to save the planet, we can drastically cut down the number of plastic bags every year.

If this practice continues and everyone switches to eco-friendly bags, we can make Earth greener and cleaner, making the planet breathe again.


Reusable plastic bags are a great alternative to plastic bags. They are sturdy, multi-use, and eco-friendly. By creating awareness about their usage and benefits, we can turn the Earth into a livable planet again!

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