How Does a Mechanical Alarm Clock Work?

mechanical alarm clock

There is a dominant grandness to the item, and above all, a nostalgic appearance. There are ardent admirers for this clock, and many people like to hang this model clock even in the drawing rooms or lounge. Besides the appealing appearance, these also spread an evocative feel of the bygone days. By all means, a mechanical alarm clock will bring in pastoral beauty to the interior spaces, albeit all the other furnishing items are most modern. Mechanical clocks require regular care and attention, which is vital for maintaining the perfectness intact. The entailed maintenance tasks include frequent cleaning, dusting, washing, and oiling, and there must be precision and perfection in doing these tasks. The winding-requirement of mechanical depends on the model as different mechanical alarm clocks will require different winding-options. In some models, the winding will last for 14 days. There are other models of mechanical clocks that have three distinct winders. In such models, the right winder is for the quarter-hour chime, the left one is for the hour strike, and the center winder for timekeeping. Whatever be the model you choose, it’s a must that you must buy the same only from a reliable dealer who has sufficient experience and established.

How Does a Mechanical Alarm Clock Work?

The parts of a mechanical alarm clock include an alarm lever, anchor, balance wheel, balance spring, bridge, barrel, crown, gear train, escapement, escapement wheel, pallet, and a mainspring. All of these parts have interconnection for perfect movements, and this linkage must remain intact, and only then the functioning of the clock will remain perfect. The anchor is the lever, and this stays fastened within the alarm clock, and the purpose of this part is to loosen the escapement gear systematically in time, in a set pattern. The alarm lever is attached to the alarm gear to check and hold back the same from unwinding. Balance spring is a slim and flat coiled spring, which controls the balance wheel’s movement in the clock or watch.

That said, only when all these parts are in sync with each other, the clock will function properly. Hence, flawless maintenance is a must. The winding must be accurate, and one must take due care not to overwind the clock. Even a slight flaw that happens to the alignment will cause deep trouble to the clock, and it will stop functioning. You must also make sure that there is no accumulation of dust over the item, as this will make the system malfunction.

The main-spring is an energy-storing item of the mechanical clock, which means that when the winding of the spring is as it should be, then you can leave it like that for a very long time. In general, the attributed name for this is the potential energy, and this energy works as the sole source for the functioning of the clock. This spring is the source that provides the required energy-power to the clock by which the hands of the clock rotate. The next significant element of a mechanical alarm clock is the weight gear train, which transmits the spring movement. Because of this connection, when the spring releases the energy, automatically, the same is passed on to the hands. The escapement is another vital component, and this contains the escapement gear, pallet, and anchor. It is a specific mechanism that controls and frees the compound gear train in a controlled manner and sends out a recurrent impulse from the balance spring to the balance wheel.

The hand gear train is also a vital part of the clock mechanism. It is this mechanism that makes the hour and minute hands rotate on the dot. Then, there is another significant part that controls the winding process of the clock precise, and this is the controlling mechanism. This mechanism is instrumental in unfastening the gear train, which makes it possible to rewind the clock once again.

Buy from a Reliable Merchant

You must buy your mechanical alarm clock from an established clock merchant, who is an approved dealer of the globally renowned clock manufacturing companies. This way, you can make sure that you are getting the luxury of choice. There will be different models manufactured by various companies, and you will get the option to pick the right model that will go well with your specific requirement. Besides, you can expect dedicated customer service, which will be of great help when some problems occur to the clock you purchased.