Free Baby Starter Packs – Save Your Money and Get Free Stuff

The list of all the best free samples, vouchers and special offers worth having, and the baby clubs worth joining. If it’s not worth mentioning, we have not mentioned on the list. The list is an updated one to make sure all freebies are still current.

Your Baby Club Free Goodies

You may join Your Baby Club to get first dibs on free samples, coupons, and other items for free. This promotional stuff, you can opt-out any time.

Boots Parenting Club Gifts

Signing up for boots parenting club gifts, you get 8 Advantage Card Points for every £1 that you may spend to buy your baby products online or in-store.

You also get gifts tailored to your baby’s development, special offers and expert parenting advice.

Free Beaming Baby Nappies

Beaming Baby Nappies are free bio-degradable, eco-friendly nappies. These nappies are free from harsh chemicals found in standard nappies, and ideal for sensitive skin of babies.

Shop Around

If you are on a budget, shop your free baby starter packs in nearby stores. Don’t think you have to get everything in high-street baby stores. There are tons of baby stuff you can get cheaper online or in-store.

Consider Reusable Nappies

Parents in the UK spend roughly half a billion a year on disposable nappies. You can save money by using reusable nappies. These nappies aren’t for everyone, and some like to use a mixture of reusable and disposable, which helps in cost savings. Companies also give new mums “cashback offers” or free samples or vouchers even on free baby starter packs.

Borrow Baby Stuff

You can also ask your family and friends if they’ve got any extra baby stuff you can borrow. Also, you can always give it back to them if they ever need it again. Most people love to see their baby stuff being put to fair use.

Don’t Stockpile

Stop stockpiling everything such as nappies or wipes because you don’t know what you may need. You can get loads of nappies only to find about different brands. It’s better to get free baby starter packs for the first few days and start putting away some money each week.

Make The Most Of Freebies.

Joining baby clubs you can have freebies with baby food and nappy from companies. You also get free samples and vouchers from them in your initial days of parenthood.

Avoid Baby Clothes Shopping

Don’t buy tons of baby clothes as you need to get one set of vests, sleepsuits, etc. Babies grow fast, and the clothes become less useable. Although everyone seems to love buying baby clothes, purchasing fewer clothes can save you more money.

Re-Sell Anything You Don’t Need

If you are buying baby equipment, keep boxes if you’ve got the space. Also, please don’t take the labels off new clothes until you use them. It will help you get a better price when you sell them. Please make sure you really won’t need them again.

Think before you buy

Every pregnant mum feels like buying everything. Please stop doing that as you will end up not using half of it. It is better to save money and buy a bagful of muslin squares and a few plain babygrows.

Free Disney Stickers

Huggies® Pull-Ups® are an excellent way for free Disney Princess or Cars stickers to reward and motivate your kid during potty training. Just answer a few questions, and choose the type of sticker you want as per household.

Free Baby First Aid Guide

The free pocket-sized first aid guide gives you essential first aid advice for your baby as you never know when you need it.

Toy Buddle

We all know kids love toys. You can grab free toy buddle as a part of the free baby starter packs, answer a few quick questions and claim for free buddle toys for your toddler.