Four Things You Must Know While Shopping for Kappa Delta Shirts

And if you are the part of Kappa Delta sorority, your demand of Kappa Delta shirts become even more frequent because Kappa Delta believes in inspiring women for action. Kappa Delta indulges more in social events and activities than other sororities. Therefore, every now and then you have to order Kappa Delta apparel for your chapter.

Sorority apparel is the pride of the sorority. It is used to address various objectives simultaneously. Right from the advertising and marketing to fostering relationship and building unity, sorority clothing plays an important role in everything. So, it is necessary that you should make the right decision, and choose right Kappa Delta shirts for your lovely sisters.

Here are the four things you should know while purchasing Kappa Delta shirts for your sorority:

Choosing the Right Design

The first thing you need to determine is what do you want on the shirt? Choosing the right shirt for the right occasion is very important. First of all decide, for which occasion you are ordering shirts. Do you want shirts for sorority meeting, social event, workshop or just for chilling around in the campus with lovely sisters? Depending on that, design and style of the shirt will vary.

If you have some idea in mind, then talk to the designer representative of your sorority store, and design your shirt. Decide the color, font style, symbol size, and theme of the shirt carefully. However, if you do not have a clear idea in mind, have a conversation with the designer team of your Kappa Delta Shirts store. They will help you to choose the right shirt for the right occasion and make your order amazing.

Printing Method

Choosing the right printing method for printing your sorority shirts is very important. Poor printing can make look even greatest of designs drab. Hence, choose the right printing method. Screen printing, Embroidery, and Heat transfer are the commonly used method for printing sorority apparel.

Screen printing is used for printing shirts, t-shirts, bottoms, long sleeves, and tank tops. It gives more vibrant colors that can last thousands of washes and do not crack easily. Embroidery is used for the detailed design. In embroidery, a design is stitched to the fabric using automatic embroidery machines. This method gives sharp and accurate design which last for years. Heat transfer is the relatively cheaper method than screen printing and embroidery. It also gives vibrant color, but print cracks away easily after few washes.

Pricing and Free Rewards

Pricing of the sorority shirts depends majorly on the number of colors in print and quantity. If your design contains multiple colors, it will cost you more. However, if the quantity of shirts is high, you can save a lot of bucks. More items your order, lower will be the price. Other factors such as print location, special options, and turnaround time also play a role in deciding the price per garment. Rush shipping cost more than standard orders.

But the major benefit of bulk orders is that you can get free rewards. A vendor offers bulk discounts, free shipping, loyalty discounts, and free shirts on bulk orders.

Shipping & Replacement Policy

Have a look at the shipping and replacement policy of the vendor. Majority of the custom orders are non-returnable. But well-reputed vendors provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any of your items are misplaced or damaged during the shipping, your Kappa Delta shirts vendor will be responsible for it.

And if you need shipping to multiple locations, make sure your vendor is offering this service. It helps you to send items directly to receivers at multiple locations.

So these are the four things that you must know while shopping for Kappa Delta shirts.

Final Thoughts

Sorority clothing should be captivating so that you can feel good and create a positive impression on others. So, before making the final decision of ordering Kappa Delta shirts for your chapter, take into account above mentioned things and make the right decision.