Four Advantages of Buying a Baby Bottle Maker

A baby bottle maker comes with an innovative new design and is markedly different than the traditional feeding bottles. It offers unique advantages for babies.

Here are four advantages of buying and using a baby bottle maker.

It prevents instances of colic in babies

The biggest advantage of buying a baby bottle maker is that it can help you prevent instances of colic in your child.

Babies are prone to suffer from colic. It refers to incessant crying of babies for days on end. The cause of colic is not yet determined. But doctors attribute it to abdomen discomfort that occurs due to undigested food or gas. Babies tend to gulp a lot of air when feeding via bottles. Air also gets mixed in food that you blend for your babies. The excess air intake can cause gas and discomfort in babies. If you don’t blend the food to avoid the formation of air bubbles, the undigested food can cause tummy pain.

A baby bottle maker helps to prevent such issues. It comes with a blender attached to the bottle. The blender is designed in a way to blend food into a smoother consistency. The air vents in the bottle help to remove any excess air from the food. The babies can feed via the bottle without the risk of colic. A baby bottle maker can, thus, significantly reduce the occurrence of colic in babies.

You can use it to blend cereals and formulas. If you store breast milk, the baby bottle maker can help you blend it too. Stored breast milk can separate into different layers. The separation of fats and water can make the stored breast milk unpalatable for babies. It can also cause tummy discomfort. Blending it can make it smoother again. There won’t be any air bubbles in it when you use a baby bottle maker. Using it will also reduce the need for babies to burp post meals, which can at times bring food out too along with the air.

It is made with non-toxic materials

A baby bottle maker is an improvement over the traditional feeding bottles. When you buy the former, you are actually investing in your baby’s health via a non-toxic product.

A baby bottle maker is free of toxic materials such as PVC, BPA, and phthalates. The material used to make won’t leech toxins into your baby’s food. When you buy a baby bottle maker, you are actually getting a safe product to use for your baby’s meals.

It helps in the smooth transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding

The nipple in a baby bottle maker is designed to closely resemble a woman’s breast. The silicone nipple helps babies latch onto it easily. So, when you wish to switch your baby to bottle feeding, you can easily do so with the help of a baby bottle maker.

You can also buy nipples with different flow speeds as per your baby’s age and needs. The baby bottle maker also comes with a sippy cup attachment for older babies. So, you can easily use one bottle with the sippy cup or different nipple attachments as per your baby’s feeding needs.

It is easy to use

It is very easy to use a baby bottle maker. Buying it can be a boon for parents.

It reduces the need to use the separate bowl, spatula (or fork), and blender to prepare baby food. It reduces the extra chores for busy and tired parents. When you use the baby bottle maker, you won’t need to clean extra dishes or the blender separately.

A baby bottle maker is also portable. You can carry it with you to feed your baby easily on the go. It is rechargeable via a USB charger. You can keep tabs on the battery level with the help of the indicator on the bottle. Keeping it charged will help you benefit from the portability factor of a baby bottle maker easily.

The design of the bottle is such that older babies can hold it with their hands easily. It also comes with separate handles, which you can use on the bottle when your baby is a little older.