Essential Advice on Choosing the Right Bonsai Tree Pot

Along with physical conditions and species of the Bonsai plants, pots also play a vital role in the development of the tree. You should be extra attentive, possessive, and honest while nurturing a Bonsai tree. Bonsai is not just about Gardening. It is an art that not everyone can master. As you move ahead in this article, you can get useful advice for choosing the Right Bonsai pot for your tree.

Basic advice on choosing the Bonsai Tree pots:

Advice #1

Select the Bonsai tree pot with extra stretching space for its roots. There should be enough room for roots to proliferate and absorb nutrients and water from the soil.

Advice #2

The selection of the size of the pot depends on your preferences whether you want your Bonsai tree to grow bigger or remain small. Other aspects to consider are – the age of the tree, species, and extent of root-bound.

Advice #3

Re-potting of the Bonsai tree is vital. But it does not imply that you choose the bigger Bonsai tree pot. It entirely depends on your preferences and need of the tree. If the Bonsai tree is already established and pruning of roots is done regularly, then you can stick to a particular size.

Advice #4

A Bonsai tree can grow more in a larger pot during watering sessions. Invest in upgrading Bonsai tree pots during the hot and low humid weather and choose slightly larger pots.

Advice #5

In case you are in a dilemma about picking the ideal Bonsai pot, choose the one with a length of around 2/3 the height of your tree. If your tree is of short height and large width, select the pot with the length of 2/3 the width of the tree.

Advice #6

Select the shape of the Bonsai tree pot according to the tree style. Trees with a straight trunk can balance better in rectangular Bonsai tree pots while soft or curvy trunks appear stunning in the round, oval or round-cornered pots. A rocky Bonsai tree looks fabulous in hard angled Bonsai pot.

Advice #7

Consider the following chart while selecting the color of the Bonsai tree pot:

Colour of the Bonsai tree

The ideal color for the Bonsai Pot


Light yellow, green, celadon, matte red, dark or light blue, white, very dark colors


Dark green, dark without glaze, blue, celadon, bone color.


Light blue, dark blue, green, off-white


Dark brown, green


Blue, green, white, bone.


Red, yellow, matte white, bone, steel gray.

whitish leaves

Black or dark green

Evergreen conifers

Brown, reddish, black, unglazed gray, matte white


Unglazed brown or reddish

Deciduous leaf of soft and delicate appearance

Soft gray (with or without glaze)

Advice #8

Select the material of the Bonsai pot wisely. Bonsai tree pots are available in different materials -Plastic, Ceramic or Porcelain, Concrete, Metals, Clay, Mica, Stoneware, and Wood.

In general, it is observed that metals release toxins. Thus, it is better to select other materials for the safety of the Bonsai tree. The selection of the material of the pot is purely your preference.

Advice #9

Keep this in mind to select the shape of the Bonsai tree pot

Tree Style

Pot  Shape

Formal upright

Shallow and Medium depth rectangular

shallow and medium depth oval

Informal upright

Shallow and Medium depth straight side, oval

Shallow irregular oval.


Shallow or medium depth rectangular or oval

Irregular oval.

Shallow round

Irregular round


Round, square, octagonal, hexagonal, semi-deep


Deep, hexagonal, octagonal, or square


Rock slab, shallow.

Shallow free form

Shallow, rectangular, or oval

Literati or Bunjin-gi

Shallow round.

Shallow free form


Shallow round.

Shallow free form

Sinuous root and raft

Shallow oval, rectangular


Rock slab


Multiple trunks

Shallow or medium depth square, hexagonal, octagonal, petal-shaped.

Rock slab.

Shallow rectangular or oval.


Bonsai gardening reflects one’s taste and style. Besides, it is an impeccable art that only a few can display. Keep these things in mind while selecting the Bonsai tree Pots and you will be able to maintain a healthy and attractive Bonsai.