Buying the Best Baby Bottle to Prevent Gas- What to Consider

And when there is so much fuss about colic is going on, obviously bottle manufacturers have to come up with the best baby bottles to prevent gas.

Baby bottles with anti-colic features are all about this- limiting the amount of air the baby takes in while feeding. But buying the best baby bottles to prevent gas is not an easy task especially when there are endless options available in the market. However, if you know what exactly to look for, you can easily find the best baby bottles for your baby.

So let’s have a look at the things you need to consider while buying the best baby bottles to prevent gas.

1. Anti-Colic Features

These days many bottles are marketed as anti-colic baby bottles. These bottles have a venting system fit into a bottle to prevent baby from ingesting gas-causing air bubbles. Look for a baby bottle with anti-colic features. There are various options to choose from. Some bottles have a straw-like component that fits into the bottle to prevent baby from ingesting gas-causing air bubbles while some bottles have components built into the nipple or bottom of the bottle. Experts advise buying a bottle with a venting system at the bottom of the bottle because it prevents the intake of air while feeding effectively.

2. Bottle Material

A few years back, plastic baby bottles were the heated topic of discussion. But since the ban on the use of BPA in baby bottles, plastic bottles are well accepted in the market. When it comes to bottle material, you have plenty of options available. Most commonly used material for baby bottles are glass, silicon, plastic, and stainless steel. Plastic baby bottles are the most popular among parents because of their lightweight, high durability and shatterproof qualities. But make sure plastic bottle you are buying is PVC free, BPA free and phthalates free.

3. Bottle Shape

The shape of a bottle is also an important factor that you need to consider while buying the best baby bottles for your baby. Because if your baby doesn’t like the feel of the bottle, he or she will rarely use it. There is no thumb rule to choose the right shape of a bottle. You have to try various shapes of bottles and find out what your baby likes. If you are lucky, your baby may like the very first bottle you try, otherwise, you have to keep trying. Many bottles are marketed as comfortable to hold and have an ergonomic design. You can start with angled-neck baby bottle because these are easy to hold.

4. Nipple Shape

Most babies are very picky when it comes to bottle nipples. The shape of the nipple plays a huge role. Flat-topped nipples and wide nipples feel more like Mom’s breast. Traditional nipples are shaped like a bell, and some baby prefers these nipples. In order to figure out which shape of nipple works best for your baby, you may have to work little hard and try all types in the beginning. Once your baby picks a certain shape, you can buy the nipple of the same shape with different flow rates.

As a thumb rule, pick nipples that are designed closest to the mother’s nipple. A nipple based on this principle will reduce the chances of nipple confusion, and allows easy transition between breastfeeding and bottle feed.

5. Nipple Material

When it comes to nipple material, you don’t have many choices left. Nipples are either made of latex or silicon. Silicon nipples are used in most bottles because they are firm and hold their shape for long. Latex nipples are also used because these are soft and flexible and many babies find them more comfortable, but these nipples do not last long.

So these are the five things you need to consider while buying the best baby bottles to prevent gas.