Buy Inventively Created Hand Tooled Leather Purses

Women’s accessories traverse the fashion curve as much their clothes do. The purses and bags that contain your belongings are also a part of your attire and speak volumes about your style and personality. They come in many different shapes and sizes, are made from varying materials, and carry different features to suit different needs. A leather purse or clutch is a classic accessory that never goes out of fashion. However, it does get influenced by changing trends. One such trend that has recently swept fashionistas off their feet is the hand tooled leather purse.

What makes hand tooled leather purses special?

Hand tooled leather purses are inventive. They have an aura of sophistication around them, which transforms even a sober looking accessory into a piece of exclusive luxury. The hand tooled patterns on such purses vary from simple motifs like flowers and human figures to elaborate and ornate designs inspired from Oriental styles and culture. Hand tooled leather purse aren’t just stylish, they are also pieces of art, which boast of the beauty of creation using bare hands – they are designed by hand, carved by hand, and stamped by hand. This gives them a unique character which also exemplifies the talent of the craftspeople involved in creating the piece. Unlike mass produced ones, each of these pieces has a unique look and feel. When you carry a hand tooled leather purse, you make not just a style statement but also one about the kind of fashion forward woman you are. Such an exotic belonging also displays your penchant for all things fine and elegant. Be it to work every day, a client meeting, a wedding, a private gathering, a dinner date, or a grand gala evening, you can flaunt a hand tooled leather purse without second thoughts. It lends you a charisma that enraptures everyone and makes you the focus no matter how big or small the crowd is.

How to buy a hand tooled leather purse

Here are some tips on how you can pick the right hand carved leather purse for your needs.

• Hand tooled leather purses are versatile and pair well with all kinds of outfits from casual denims and tunics to formal skirt and blouse, or even wedding and party gowns. When selecting a design, keep in mind the nature of your attire, and select a color that matches the outfit. Blacks and browns are error-proof options that work well on any occasion. However, if you like to flaunt something vibrant, opt for colored ones such as red, or pink that make statements.

• Choose a size that complements your body and the need. Small and medium sized purses are a good choice if you have a petite figure. If you are lean or tall, you could opt for something bigger. You could also pick an envelop styled clutch or purse for formal needs.

• Opt for purses, clutches, or bags with pockets and flaps. This helps you arrange your belongings like cash, cards, vanity items, keys etc. without being messy and pick them up with ease when you search within. Having compartments also ensures that the contents do not spill over when you open the purse for access.

• Hand tooled leather purses often come with closure flaps, fasteners, and chains for ease of wear. Choose these if you are someone who likes to stay hands-free when on the move or in a gathering. Many of them also have detachable straps and chains for convertible needs. Such hand tooled leather purses can be clutched into the fists or be worn as a sling over the shoulder or wrist.

Most hand tooled leather purses are custom made and are highly prized possessions. Exclusive brand outlets are a great place to pick hand tooled bags and clutches if you want to test the look and feel of the accessory with bare hands. Many online brand stores too carry purses of this kind and are a great place to shop if you like to browse and buy them from the comfort of your home.