Best Tips for Buying Used File Cabinets

File cabinets are essential workplace furniture items – be it your home office or traditional work settings. Even co-working spaces may have file cabinets. After all; organizing files and documents is necessary for offices.

Most offices are not completely paperless. So, filing cabinets are not going anywhere. If you want one or more without spending much, you can choose used file cabinets. Here are some of the best tips for doing so.  

Assess your filing needs

Your filing requirements will differ depending on your work. Perhaps you need compact filing cabinets for vertical files or big metal cabinets that can fit by the wall. Perhaps you need metal shelves. Depending on the nature of your work, you may need fireproof cabinets.

Once you have identified what kinds of filing cabinets you want, itemize them with the quantities of each item you need. You can always revise the list as you go through the next steps in your shopping task.

Visit furniture store websites.

Before visiting physical furniture stores, check them out online. Reputed stores maintain proper websites for the benefit of their prospective customers. You can search for used file cabinets online, which will generate links to various stores in your area.

First, check their online catalog. If you like what you see in terms of the items and their prices; move on to read about their business and services.

Even if the business is a reputable one, they should sell used file cabinets. They must also have the kinds of cabinets you want. So, checking catalogs prior to reading about their services will save your time and energy.

Make note of locations, delivery charges, offers, and discounts available at various stores. Many furniture stores are operational at multiple locations. So, you may be able to choose one as per your convenience.

Select cabinets online

Once you have identified the best store for your needs, browse its catalog at leisure. Select the items you like and bookmark them.

Keep an open mind about the items. You may end up finding something within your budget, which is even better than what you had in mind.  Whether you wish to buy a lateral file cabinet (side-to-side layout) or a vertical file cabinet (front-to-back layout); you are likely to find numerous designs for the two. You will also find them in different materials. Sheet metal and wood are most commonly used for filing cabinets.

You can find mobile pedestals, flat file cabinets, and storage with hutch. A simple bookcase design can also act as a filing cabinet – adding a distinct touch to your workplace décor. You will also find a range of colors and finishes. So, you have a lot to consider when selecting file cabinets. If you do the selection online, it will further streamline your shopping.

You can also check the availability of certain items when browsing the online catalog. If a cabinet that you like is not available with the store at the moment; you may be able to place an order for it too.

Visit the store

Now, visit the physical store. You can straight away show your selections to the sales representative and check out the items in person. But while you are in the store or the warehouse, feel free to check out other cabinets also. You may find something you might have overlooked earlier.

Check the cabinets for quality very thoroughly. Open the drawers and see if the doors or drawers creak. Check the screws and bolts if present on the drawers. How about the handles? Do they look sturdy? Is the paint OK on the cabinets? How about the finishes on wood cabinets? Do they look fresh and shiny?

Consider these factors during your store visit. Check the final pricing. Inquire about discounts even if you don’t see any indication of such offers at the store. You might be able to get some discounts based on the quantity you are purchasing or the items you are considering.

Confirm your order

If you like something, confirm your order without delay. Used furniture items can sell out fast. Find a good local store for your furniture shopping and buy the items you need easily.