Best Garden Gifts for Every Gardener, Young, and Old

Gardening techniques have evolved over the years and so have the tools for accomplishing the various tasks needed to tend to one’s garden. Many innovative and appealing gardening products are now available in the market; making it easy to gift them to any gardener you may know.

Consider the below ideas if you are looking for some terrific gardening gifts for gardeners of all ages.


Gardeners can never have too many pairs of gardening gloves. Whether you are buying gloves for a seasoned gardener you know or for someone just starting out on their gardening journey; there is a type of glove available that can be useful for them.

Buy extra-long nylon gloves for a gardener who mostly works with roses or thorny plants. Sturdy gloves come with linings (made from synthetic suede) that can last for years even with heavy use. You can now even buy waterproof gloves. Other ideas are gloves with claws or ones that are resistant to punctures.

Watering Tools

When gifting watering tools, you may want to go beyond the standard products such as a plastic can. Look for innovative tools that are sure to bring a smile to the person receiving the gift.

Watering stakes can be one of the best gifts for gardeners as these useful items not only water the plants just right but also add beauty to the gardens. You can buy watering stakes with decorative basins in the shape of colorful flowers. These can be also be used for dispensing liquid fertilizers. Watering stakes can be used even in small planters.

If you like watering cans as gift items, only buy good quality metal ones in bright colors. You can even buy a watering wand to reach hanging pots or hard-to-reach garden areas.

Gardening Tools

You can’t go wrong with gardening tools as gifting ideas for any gardener whether experienced or novice. Tool sets can include spades, garden snips, hand rakes, trowels etc. You can also buy separate tools such as pruning shears from a really quality gardening brand or even a tool organizer or a storage bag.


You can bring a big smile on a gardener’s face by the gift of planters. Even you will have a smile on your face when choosing the gift as you can buy pots and planters in so many shapes, sizes, and designs.

Choose a planter set in terracotta or several colorful small pots to use throughout the garden. You can gift wall planters, hanging baskets, and big wooden boxes for terrace or patio herb gardens.

Plant Stands

You can gift metal plant stands to help your friends showcase their plants differently or just to add variety to their garden.


A book on growing roses for a friend who recently showed interest in it or a book on herbs for a relative wanting to grow them in her kitchen are nice gift ideas. Even books on different varieties of flowers or region-specific trees can make for interesting gift idea for gardeners.


Seed packets can be really thoughtful gifts for gardeners. You can even gift new plants to help them started on a new herb or flower variety. Gifts of seeds for fruit-bearing trees or vegetables can be excellent as gardeners can actually use the product of their hard labor and love. Just make sure that the seeds are relevant to their garden size and interest.

Garden Ornaments

Decorative items can be one of best gifts for gardeners. Crystals, small or big fountains, bird baths, sculptures, wind chimes, and lights are some nice garden ornament gifting ideas for gardeners.

Garden Signs

You can buy garden signs or even make some colorful ones for gifting purposes. Signs can be for plant identifications or for mentioning arrows for directions (for really large gardens or farms). You can even buy or make small marker signs for a really extensive herb garden.


For a friend or relative with a small farm or some fruit trees in the backyard; a set of wicker baskets for collecting the bounty can be a nice touch. You can also gift small baskets to use in the kitchen for drying different herbs or storing the vegetables.