A Guide to Buying a Ceramic Coffee Dripper & Mug Online

There is a reason for the popularity of ceramic coffee dripper & mugs. No, it’s not due to their availability in insanely good and witty designs only. There are plenty of other good reasons to choose a ceramic cup for your coffee.

Ceramic doesn’t alter the taste of the coffee. It keeps the coffee as is and allows you to drink it with the right taste. It also helps to retain the heat from the hot coffee in a better way as opposed to other materials. Also, there is a certain charm to using ceramic cups. You can buy one to suit your personality and preference.

It is easy to buy ceramic coffee mugs online. You need not venture into a mall or a store for your shopping and waste your precious time.

Consider this guide for buying ceramic coffee dripper & mug online.

The Quality of the Material

When choosing ceramic coffee dripper & mugs, pay attention to the quality of the material. Not all ceramic is of good quality. So, you need to ensure that the cup is strong and sturdy enough to hold hot liquids. The quality should be such that it doesn’t begin to show cracks only after a few weeks of use.

The way the ceramic is used to craft the cup is also important. You don’t want ridges until they are a part of the design. But it is best to buy cups with a smoother ceramic exterior. It will help ensure that the quality of the craftsmanship is good.

The ceramic mustn’t stain easily or really quickly. Coffee can easily stain any material. So, it is best to choose a quality ceramic dripper.


When it comes to coffee cups, the larger it is, the better. Isn’t it? Perhaps it should be specific to each person.

Ideally, the capacity of the cup should be perfect for your requirements. If you drink a large cup of coffee every day, you need to buy a large cup (at least 13 oz). If you drink large quantities of coffee throughout the day, it is best to buy multiple large cups for your everyday use.

Ceramic cups are also available in small and medium sizes. So, you need not buy a large cup of unnecessarily.

Ease of Use

Your coffee cup should be easy to hold. It should also not shake when you put in on a flat surface. So, it is important to look for good craftsmanship when choosing a cup online.

The ceramic cup should be safe to use in the microwave, as well as the dishwasher. The cup should also be easy to clean.


Choose a color that feels right for you. If you do not wish to use colorful cups around the office, choose a white-colored one to keep it neutral and professional. Many people use their own cups in the office. So, it is important to choose the right colors and designs.


Choose from funky, witty, or classic when buying ceramic coffee dripper. Several brands sell their own cups with their logo as part of the design. So, if your favorite coffee brand or coffee drippers’ company have their own cup designs, you may choose one to display your fondness for the product.

The design of your coffee mug says a lot about you. If you are buying one to use in the office; carefully select the color, the design, and the statement (or print) on it. It may reflect poorly on you if you choose a design with offensive statements in a professional environment.

Some More Tips

– When buying ceramic coffee sripper online, it is important to read its description carefully. The description of a product in online stores contains useful information that can help you make your purchasing decision.

– The price of the cup should be comparable with its quality and design. Large-sized cups will, of course, cost you more than smaller-sized cups even when the quality of both is the same. So, consider all aspects determining the cost factor when choosing a cup online.

– Check the packaging option of the cup before placing your order. The packaging needs to be sturdy.