A Beginner’s Guide to Delta Gamma Shirts Shopping

Before one chooses to buy Delta Gamma Shirts, one should know that Delta Gamma has a rich legacy. The Delta Gamma fraternity is a Greek women’s organization established in 1873 in Oxford by three young women who could not spend their time at home during Christmas time. So launched a club that focuses on service and education and till date it has more than 2.5 lakh members. Since 1873, the organization has established into one of the largest Greek women’s organizations with collegiate chapters throughout Canada and the United States and alumnae living across the globe.

Now to buy Delta Gamma Shirts we need to understand some points so that one feels satisfied after buying. The first one is the fabrics as the pure one fee better against the skin, lasts for a long time, and has a better wash. There are other synthetic materials like rayon, polyester that are used for exercise and hosiery but choose which is better for the skin. Everyone loves their skin and body, don’t you? We will dig deep into some fabrics and describe them. The first one is the cashmere, and it should be soft as the best ones are made of thinner and longer fibers. The basic should also be densely woven and thick. A good quality cashmere will eventually bounce back. Check the tag if it is one-ply or two-ply as two-ply is best and will be less prone in developing holes.

Next is the wool part and fine wool is of merino. Good wool should bounce back when pulled slightly and will be thick also the weave should be tight as well as dense. Another one is the silk garment, and one should know that the quality of the silk is identified by the weight of momme. For example, if a shirt’s momme weight is 17, that mean 170 yards of the silk weighs 17 pounds. The heavier is the momme; the sturdier is the fabric that leads to better quality. Some checklist while shopping for silk shirts like does the shirt feels drapey and super soft against the skin; if one holds the fabric to the light, is it opaque? For cotton, choose thick fabrics for woven button-down shirts, and for t-shirts look for hundred percent cotton with no blends with spandex or polyester.

Delta Gamma Blue Striped Sleeve Shirt

One should also identify the finishing techniques of a garment. A simple technique to identify is to hold the garment towards the light and stretch one of the seams to see how much light can pass through. If it is seen that the thread is even and really tight, then the construction of the garment is good. Most of the clothes have a serged edge where it sews the seam, completes the edge and cuts the excess fabric from the cloth.  Another thing people should buy Delta Gamma shirts is to be a part of the company’ rich legacy where there is a sense of companionship among the fraternity. There are wide ranges of shirts, people buy clothes to feel a certain way, and Delta Gamma is no exception.

Another thing while buying is to choose the right color as it depicts a lot about oneself. Our human brain reacts to colors differently thereby produces different emotional responses, and these emotional effects are used in our daily interpersonal relationships. Here some colors have been decoded to help you wear your perfect shirt. The blue color depicts that a person is honest and trustworthy, black possesses power, authority, and confidence. Purple and dark green gives the impression that the person is friendly, relaxed and calm while the red grabs everyone’s attention where one is assertive and confident. While shopping from online or traditional stores take some time to understand the quality, material, discount, shipment or the shirts could be custom made or not. Browse through the size and fit guide before selecting your shirt and we bet you will grab your best shirt.