Five Must try Autumn Winter Styles in Lingerie Sets

Of the different sexy and sassy lingerie pieces that you own, a lingerie set is must-have. These coordinated sets of women’s underwear are much more than just panties that cover your intimates and derriere, or bras that support and conceal your bust. Lingerie sets are beautiful. They are sensuous, and they are sexy. They are a great way to show off your assets, and to welcome your partner to bed with a special, alluring charm and feel. Be it your wedding night or a special one on a vacation far away from home, you can wear a lingerie set whenever you want to look and feel gorgeous. These women’s undergarments also change styles with changing trends. Here is a look at 5 key styles/elements to pick this autumn winter.

# 1 – Pastels and nudes

Lingerie sets in soft, muted, or light shades are must have in the wardrobe of every woman this autumn winter. Bras and panty sets in beige, skin, or blush like shades have a vintage vibe to them. They also lend a very feminine feel to your style and aura. Select sheer fabrics or lacy meshes, as pastels and nude shades look best on such kinds of fabrics. Not only do they appear good, but also feel smooth, light, and luxurious on your body.

# 2 – Bustier and bodysuits

Body shaping lingerie make a comeback this season in the form of bustier and bodysuits. For women who love to show their curves, and well-toned bodies, there’s no better time than this season to pick a lingerie set that also includes a bustier or bodysuit. The body cinching undergarments also tease and tantalise by giving you a body shape to die for. They lend you a seductive charm that’s absolutely hard to resist.

# 3 – Strappy lingerie

Strappy and cage designs are yet another major trend this autumn winter. This style is a must-have for those who love bold lingerie styles. On the shoulder, bottom band, cups, waistband, or leg opening, or on the rear – there are many ways in which you can sport a strappy style. Fabrics in satins and those with a leather like finish look best in such styles. Cage designs work well with laces as well, as they have a sensuous appeal. Pick the strappy and cage-inspired style to flaunt a charm that turns you into an enchantress.

# 4 – Bralettes and high waist panties

The long line bras that once ruled retro lingerie are now a strong contender among autumn winter styles. So are panties with high waist and high coverage. Lingerie sets with such kind of undergarments give you a young feel, and remind you of your youthful teenage days. This lingerie lends you a dainty goddess like charm, and an aura that’s as fresh as the first bloom. Slip into lingerie sets with bralettes and high waist knickers to rekindle the romance that thawed on your first date.

# 5 – Lacy scallops and feminine trims

Autumn winter lingerie this year is aligned towards feminine styles. Exactly why you can’t miss owning bras, panties, garters and belts with lacy scallops and other pretty trims like tiny bows, embellishments, ribbons, or silk trimming. They lend a graceful, lady like quality to your lingerie, and an elegant charm that’s hard to ignore. Lingerie sets with such details can also be worn outside the bedroom, because they are just what you need to perk up your style, and feel good on a dull and gloomy day.

How to Buy Small Gym Bags for Men?

Nobody likes to carry a huge bag to the gym. However, nobody likes to miss out on things because the bag couldn’t fit in everything. No matter what fitness routine you follow, be it gym, aerobics, Zumba or yoga, one needs to carry a lot of things. A pair of clothes, shoes, water bottles, towel, phone, headphone… the list keeps growing. Thus, you most certainly need a bag that can pack a lot of stuff and still look small and sleek. In this article we are going to discuss exactly that, give you tips on how to buy small gym bags for men. Read on to know.

1. More compartments

Whenever you buy a gym bag, this has to be your first mantra. More compartments. As told before, there are a lot of things you need to carry to the gym and you can’t just dump all of them into one big duffle bag. You can’t put your sweaty clothes, wet towel, water bottle, phone, headphones and shoes into one big compartment. Thus, when you are looking to buy small gym bags for men ensure to look for more compartments in the bag so that you can keep all your belongings separately.

2. Can you carry it to office?

All of us lead a busy life and amidst time crunch, commute problems and inflexible gym and office timings that clash with each other, people hardly find time to focus on fitness. If you are working and planning to go to work soon after gym, it is not a bad idea at all. However, you need a gym bag that you won’t be embarrassed to carry along to work every day. Thus, buy small gym bags for men if you plan to carry your gym bag to work.

3. Design and Color

If you are planning to carry your gym bag practically throughout the day, a small and sleek bag is not sufficient. You also need a bag that blends with your office personality as well and look good overall. Based on your preferences and lifestyle, carefully choose the color of the bag and ensure the design is up to your wish. Small gym bags for men must be designed such that they make a strong fashion statement for men, still being able to offer a lot of space for storage and smart compartments to separate stuff.

4. Waterproofing and Cleaning

Apart from functionality, size, looks and design, you must also take care of the fact that small gym bags for men must be waterproof and easy to clean. Given that the bag is small and has a lot of compartments that are close to one another, it is important that the interiors are waterproof. Also, you should be able to clean all the dirt and sweat off easily just by using a wet cloth.

How to Choose a Right Pendant Light for Your Home

Pendant lights are contemporary light fixtures that hang like an ornament from the ceiling. Pendant lights can be termed as modern-day chandeliers. You can use pendant lights as task or ambient lighting. Task lighting illuminates a small portion of a room to help focus on tasks. Ambient lighting gently brightens up a room.

Pendant lighting can enhance any home’s design. But you need to use pendant light the right way for their full effect. Consider these tips to select the right pendant lights for your home.

• Pendant light fixtures are often used over kitchen islands in modern homes. If you want to use pendants in your kitchen, the ideal way is to use multiple mini or medium pendants in a straight line. Doing so ensures that the island area is well-illuminated to help you complete your tasks with ease and comfort. Avoid using large pendants in your kitchen as you won’t get proper light over the entire island and placement will also look out of the place. Another use of small or medium-sized pendants is in home bar areas.

You can also use small pendants in the entryway or over a secluded corner in your living room. Minka Lavery pendants come in a variety of sizes and stunning designs. You can browse through their collection of pendants to select the right lights for your home.

• For small or medium-sized dining areas, a round or drum-shaped pendant is ideal to use over the table. Chandeliers are not right for smaller spaces and pendants do the job very nicely. You can choose one from the Minka Lavery pendant light collection where you can find large pendants for both modern and traditional décors.

• You can also use pendants as task lighting in your bedroom or living room. You can also hang pendants in the attic or garage. A small pendant with soft light is right for your bedroom. You can use it over your reading corner or desk. If your bathroom requires extra illumination, one or more pendants hung between the shower and the counter area can provide additional light.

• If you like symmetry in décor, use of pendant lights in the same style but different sizes can add a fresh dimension to your house. You can select etched mirror designs or ornate pendants in different sizes. You can shop from collections like Minka Lavery pendant lights that offer same or similar designs for different types of light fixtures. It can be another use of symmetry in your house.

• To make the best use of pendant lights, use them in conjunction with different light fixtures. Pendant lights work well with sconces and well-placed flush-mount lights. Also, stick to same or similar materials for different lights to avoid conflict of designs in your house. You can choose from wood to metal, resin, and brass.

With some research and planning, you can use pendant lights effectively in any space.

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